05 October 2011

Sugar Hit 2011

Hooray..!!!! October is finally here. Good month for foodies and best of all, it's my birth's months too. So, it gonna be heaps of food and lots of dinners and parties. And I called it "October Fiesta, babyyy...". So, Octie Appetie to all of you...

Lets get started for October with some sweet indulgences, the most popular is Sugar Hit from Crave Sydney International Food Festival. If you are dreaming to can just dig in the dessert in some of the well-known restaurants in Sydney. Here is the time to make it real !!! This month only, you are able to enjoy a special late night dessert from participating restaurants, cafes and hotels. A dessert plate that is also accompanied by a matching glass of Brown Brother's wine for only $20. The Sugar Hit normally starts at 9pm until 11pm everyday in the whole month of October, but please check the website for further details and reservation as each venue may be different in time and conditions.

Level 2/13 Kirketon Road
Darlinghurst  NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9356 4536
Booking is highly recommended, to avoid disappointment.

In Tomislav, you are able to choose one from their dessert menu and it comes with a glass of Brown Brother's dessert wine.
Apple Crumble
It is a brilliant dish. The soft Macadamia sponge on the bottom then topped with apple slices and popping candy for the crumble with delicious caramel ice cream on the side. The taste itself was fantastic and those popping candy elements made me jumping around like little kid that just got a new toy. I called it no "chewy dessert" only at the beginning though, just let it sit on your mouth for awhile and get the pleasure from popped candy until the fizzy reaction is completely gone. Totally enjoyed this exciting experience...

Milk Chocolate Cream Cake
The other dish was a luscious chocolate cake with toasted hazelnuts and smoked banana ice cream that served on the tile-like serving dish. Don't know why!! But I always like this kind of serving plate makes the food more classy and rusty because the contrast of colour and more appetizing too.

The Cortile - Intercontinental Hotel
117 macquarie Street
Ph: (02) 9240 1396
They do not take any booking unless for 6 people or more. So, just pop in and mention that you are here for the Sugar Hit, and they'll know.

 Pistachio and bitter chocolate vacherin with blood orange custard.

This Orange-theme Sugar Hit's dish from Intercontinental Hotel also comes with a glass of Brown Brothers Orange Flora Muscat. For me, the Orange custard is unarguably smooth and sumptuous, except that orange-y taste was too over-powering and just killed the other elements. However, I really loved the Orange Blossom Macaroon especially those creamy filling.

The very spacious and luxurious lounge with plenty of semi-private sofas and live-piano as the background music really topped up the atmosphere.. What a night!!!!


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