27 September 2011

Day 16 - New Territory and Ladies Market, Mongkok

Yayyyy... Another day with the tour. This time is 'The Land Between' tour, visiting The New Territories that lots of the area still abounds in rural beauty yet modern developments played an important roles made this sophisticated new towns exist alongside peaceful nature.

The small size tour with only about 12 people in an air-conditioned mini bus and bi-lingual speaking tour guide. The tour covers Yuen Yuen Institute, Tai Mo Shan Lookout, Fanling Walled Village, Luk Keng Road Lookout, Bride's Pool Falls and lastly Sam Mun Tsai Fish Farming Zone.

Yuen Yuen Institute

The day-to-day stuffs made out of paper to be burned for the dead people. Usually, it comes in the ordinary forms like car, house and money but geezzz.... they have all these extraordinary items too like the false teeth, beer and cigarettes ummm.. not to mention Louis Vuitton bags as well!!!!! Most Chinese believe that the stuffs they burned for their ancestor, they can actually use them in the next world.

I'm so amaze by this Sundial system
Pang Family Village

The border area between Hong Kong and Sezchuan, China

Then, our next stop is the Bride's pool, apparently there were so many myths and stories told about this place. One of them is, apparently there was a bride travelling on the way to meet her groom in the stormy day and suddenly she just slipped and fell in to the pool then drowned. That's why they named it Bride's Pool to pay tribute to the bride. Nowadays, this place has also become a nice BBQ spot when the sun comes out and the hot summer day around.

Sam Mun Tsai Fish Farming Zone

As we all know that Hong Kong has a very high number of population while land mass is tremendously small. So it makes Hong Kong as one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Therefore, majority of people live in the apartment or high-rise building and the price isn't cheap though. The extremely luxury apartment from above picture costs just about HK$ 40 millions (approx AUD 5 millions) because they have really good Feng Shui which facing the sea and mountain right behind. Anyone interested????

The tour is only for half day and they dropped us back at the YMCA on Salisbury Road. By the time we arrived there, it was nearly 2pm and our tummy started to rumbling so we just find any closest interesting local food that we could get. This little Chinese restaurant got 3 different languages menu, which are Mandarin, English and Unexpectedly Thai language too, but only on the menu and the waiters unable to speak Thai, I don't know why!!!

Shop 9, 21 Hankow Street
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Ice Tea HK$14 (about AUD 1.80)

Mixed Beef Brisket and Tendon Noodle Soup HK$ 40 (about AUD 5.10)

This Pork chop was so so yumm.... Although the pork was a bit tough but those sauce basted on the meat and around the rice is enhanced the dish with sweet and delicious taste.

Sticky Rice Bun from around Ladies Market

Hot Horlick and Milo drink HK$13 each
I was over-excited with this shop until didn't pay attention with their address and didn't even take a photo of the front shop. My apology guys.... When I saw this stone hot pot cooked rite outside the shop plus the aromatic smells just alluring our already-starved tummy, so we quickly grabbed a seat and ordered the food. But anyway, this shop is located around the Ladies Market in Mongkok, so far as I could remember it should be the street in conjunction of the Ladies Market and the Electronics site.

Salted Fish and Sliced Pork with Hot Pot Rice HK$ 40 (about AUD 5.10)
Love this dish so badly!!!!!! The ginger-y pork is succulent and tender, especially with few pieces of the salted fish is totally bring the whole dish to the next level. 

Yuen Kee at Kimberley
31 Kimberley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Cold Ovaltine HK$15

Roast Goose on Rice HK$ 30
As today is gonna be our last night in Hong Kong, so better not missed this signature dish from Yuen Kee Restaurant which is Roast Goose. The taste is pretty much the same with Roast Duck but obviously the Goose has more meat and bit more fat, I guess...

So, Octie Appetie guys....

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