15 September 2011

Day 14 - Venetian Hotel, Macau

Macau is famous with their casino heaven, its like Las Vegas of Asian and Venetian Hotel is one of biggest hotel in there. Once you step inside the Venetian world, I say 'world' cos everything is there even its own sky!!!.. everything u could possibly imagine for a hotel could have!!!! From plenty of spacious suites, range of different cuisine eatery places, massive shopping paradise, premier entertainment complex and huge.. huge.. casino and gambling zone.

We stayed at Venetian Hotel with the package that we bought from their website which including:
  • One night in Venetian Macao Royale Suite
  • Two B-Reserve tickets to the show of Cirque du Soleil "ZAIA"
  • Daily Breakfast
  • 100 MOP ZAiA Boutique Credit
  • One way CotaiJet ticket from Macau to HK
The package is called ZAIA package and they got 2 types: Gold and Silver package which not much different anyway, the only different thing is the Cirque Du Soleil show ticket's class, for Gold package you will get the A-ticket while Silver package you only get the B-ticket which I think only about the seat allocation.

Queueing for check-in
I read the review about this hotel before hand and they always mention about the long queue for check-in to the hotel. Its true indeed, something that don't usually happen in luxury hotel, but the service was quick. Expect the same thing for check-out as well unless if you wanna do it early to avoid the crowd but who want to leave early anyway!! Me, definitely not!!! I make sure enjoying every single second that I have left in that suite room Mhuahahaha.....

Royale Suite

Food Court in Venetian
Most of the Shopping area and food court is coverred with the blue-sky counterfeit so you will feel like you are outdoor but not really outdoor, like in the cool temperature but not fresh open-air weather and always bright no matter day and night.

For the free breakfast you could choose from International breakfast at Cafe Deco or Brazilian-style at Fogosamba and the last one is American-style breakfast but I couldn't remember what was the name of the restaurant. Actually those Brazillian-breakie sounds very tempting but we went for Inter this time as it may have more choices and I aimed for my fav bacon... and here what I got...
My breakfast clockwise from top left: Western set, Asian , breads, healty dish (fruits)

As I have said before that here in Venetian they have numbers of entertaiment bliss'. The most famous is Gondola rides. The Gondola will take you around the canal with occasionally the sailor sings an opera while you enjoying the view.  This sort of simulated atmospere will bring you to the Venice-romantic state of affairs!!!

Hainan Chicken Rice from Rasa Singapura (Food Court) HK$ 80 (aboutAUD10)
How much I love my Hainan chicken rice but I still prefer the original version which normally comes with shallot and ginger oil condiments. Anyway, the flavourwise from steamed chicken and rice itself really good especially the chicken was tender and juicy.

Es Bandung (Free)
The guy just gave it to us for free cos my husband can pronounce it properly. For anyone who doesn't know what es bandung is, its actually similar with Soda Gembira drink in Indonesia, which is a soda drink with condensed milk and syrup. One of my all time favourite drink and love the sweet pink-y colour too is very chic and refreshing in a way...

City Of Dream
You can catch the free shuttle bus to City Of Dream which comes every 10 - 15 minutes in the peak time. The bus stand waiting area is just on the outside of Venetian Hotel.

Hard Rock Cafe @ City of Dream

After long tiring day we just need some yummy nibbles and Hard Rock cafe looks really nice to just chilling out on the soft trendy sofa with bit of snacks to go.

Wedges with melted cheese

Vanilla Cheesecake with Blueberry and Strawberry Sauce

And... Sadly, its time for our journey to end in Macau. Now, we have to bounce back to Hong Kong. Bit disappointed cos feel the time just flied. I think 2 days in Macau is too short, still many thing we missed out like a famous Ama temple and also Macau Tower. It would be great if we have another day to spend around Macau plus if we could get those Beef Offal again but well.. what can we do!!! our schedule its absolutely packed...

So good bye Macau.. but one memory left behind there. Am I actually too superstitious??? The thing was we won little money from casino (AU$40) but I have to lost one my favourite cardigan in exchange as I forgot it in the hotel wardrobe. Hiks..
This is what it looks like inside the Cotai Strip Jet. As I mentioned before that we got the free ticket back from Venetian Hotel's package, still we need to booked the ferry a day in advance (after check in) just to secure the place. We were extremly satisfied with this ferry, so much less crowded and plenty of room for leg and stuffs.

Did you guys enjoy this post?? Anyway, Octie Appetie...

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