14 September 2011

Moon Cake Festival 2011, Cabramatta

As by the name, of course everyone can easily guess that there were plenty of moon cake stalls around. So dont want to make you guys bored, instead of displaying any moon cake photos , it will be filled with heaps of other stalls and not only that I'll show some yummy food around Cabramatta as well. So Octie Appetie guys...

Moon Cake festival in Cabramatta is normally run every year around the Moon Cake celebration day, just check in Fairfield City Council website when it closer to the date. Eventhough it happening every year but they crammed full with hungry folks for all time.

How clever are they!!! Fruit craving-art
Carrot-y Gold Fish

Chilli Pork $3

Custard Puff

Fish Balls $3 for 4 pieces

I'm not too sure what they called this in English (Sesame Ball, I guess), but what I know we called this Onde-Onde in Indonesia. It's like a sticky rice cake with sweet soy bean filling and coated with sesame seeds then deep-fried. It reminds me all the time when I was a little kid.. as I'm a person who always save the yummiest thing the last, so ever one time... I tried to finish the outer part of this Onde-Onde until only few bite left that will leave me with my precious soy bean filling, suddendly those the most crucial element just dropped in front of my eyes. Because the Indonesian's Onde Onde comes with the round-ball shaped filling. Since then everytime I have this Onde Onde, I always press them til flat so the filling won't slip out of me anymore.

Believe it or not!! This is an ice cream

Kaysone Sweet
Shop 4, 59-61 Park Road

One of my favourite shop that I won't miss out everytime I go to Cabramatta. They sell the best Sai-grog-e-san (Thai styled pork sausage) and heaps of the snacks like fritters and crackers and you know what!!!! They serve the delicious and scentedlicious durian shake too!!!

Left: Durian Shake $5.80 for large

BKK International Food Court
Rite next to the gate

Kao Man Gai

Noodle Boat (Kwe Tiau Rea)

Tan Viet Noodle House
Shop 3, 100 John Street, Cabramatta
Ph: (02) 9727 6853

Beef Cubes Steak with Tomato Rice

Crispy Skin Chicken

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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