21 April 2017

Vietnam Day 5 (Part 3): Pretty Hoi An Ancient Town At Night

Vietnam Day 5 (Part 2): Hoi An Ancient Town

Dancing cappuccino 50,000VND and mojito passion 55,000VND

Lemon tart 35,000VND

two scoops of ice creams 45,000VND
Those beautiful old historic yellow painted houses and lanterns hanging between roofs is just a surplus.  But when it comes at night, when all those lanterns are lighten up, the town becomes alife. Very very enchanted and eye-soothing.  I could just sit by the river all night, watching those colorful lanterns and candle lit flowing on the river. 

While we were waiting for the night to come, we enjoyed a nice drinks and sweets in one of the cafe there.


Lit the candle for USD1

Fried donuts (2pcs) 30,000VND

pretty colorful lanterns

Crispy chicken with rice from in-room dining 140,000VND
Before And Now Cafe
51 Le Loi
Tel: 05 1039 10599

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Hoi An:
Vietnam Day 6: Hoi An Central Market And Banh Mi Phuong

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