21 April 2017

Vietnam Day 5 (Part 2): Hoi An Ancient Town

Vietnam Day 5: From Hue To Hoi An And Sincerity Hotel, Hoi An

Not only listed as one of the UNESCO Heritage but Hoi An Ancient town is of course the most popular and not to be missed site to visit while you were in Hoi An.  Although there is free shuttle bus from the hotel but instead we prefer to borrow the bicycle from our hotel as more freedom and we can ride home anytime.

Bahn flan - crème caramel

Quan An Ty Ty

Cao lau (Lau noodle with pork) 30,000VND

Com ga (chicken rice) 30,000VND

Bunh thit nuong (noodle with grilled pork) 30,000VND

This preserved town is so classic and charming with French colonial buildings, yellow painted wall and lanterns everywhere.  There are also some temples and museums to visit.  And the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge to take a picture with.

ornate Japanese Covered Bridge

Cantonese Assembly Hall

Ty Ty Quan - Dac San Hoi An

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Hoi An:
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