20 January 2017

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Din Tai Fung And Mango Shaved Ice, Yongkang Street

Today, we headed to Sun Moon Lake for a night.  This is the largest lake in Taiwan, famous for its clear blue water set against pile of mountains.  It is better to avoid weekends, if you want to see less crowds and get the best hotel room rates.  We chose to stay for one night as morning is the best time in the lake, where tourists are still not around yet and the panoramic clear water and mountain is best viewed in the morning. 

The easiest way to get to this place if you go on your own (not tour) is by catching the high-speed train from Taipei Main Station to Taichung High Speed Rail Station (about 50 minutes journey).  Exit 5 that will take you straight into the bus station - Nantou Bus (Downstairs).  There is some English information provided, enough to guide us. 

Once we arrived at Sun Moon Lake, it was late afternoon and we didn't want to travel like tourists.  But just ultimately enjoying this lake town.  Tried their local delicacies, a bowl of lu rou fan and another cold shaved mango ice would definitely enough to make our afternoon.  Do not have to be from Yongkang street, in this small street out of nowhere, we still can get equally good mango shaved ice. 

Lu rou fan

Mango shaved ice

Sun Moon Lake

Full and clear view of the lake from our bedroom window

Clockwise from top left: Spicy beef noodle soup, pork chop with rice, dan dan noodle
We had dinner in one random restaurant here in this lake town.  Not far from our hotel, less than 5 minutes walk.  We turned left from the hotel entrance, passing Starbucks and turn left on the first alley, keep walking down for about 1 minute and this restaurant is on your right.  I gave the direction in very detail, because I highly recommended this place while you were here.  The food was incredibly yummy and homey and cheapey.  Absolutely a happy tummy.

Morning view, calm water, clear mountain and nice breeze

Peaceful and beautiful morning

Breakfast by the gorgeous backdrop
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