24 January 2017

Qingjing Farm, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

From Sun Moon Lake, we took a bus to Cingjing Farm in Ren'ai township.  There is no direct bus from there, we need to make a short transit at Puli.  It was a little bit hard for us who speaks no mandarin.  In Puli station, it was none English sign and the people in there also speak very little English.  We were watching the group that look more likely going to farm (youngsters with backpack, it is just stereotype though) and pay attention on the bus number as well. 

We stay at Mone Garden Inn, the bus stop is right in front of the hotel.  Once you pass the Cingjing Farm, is another 5 minutes away from there, you can let the bus driver knows, just in case you do not know where to get off.

The dummy part was the shower.  It is located next to the bath tub but the floor is leveled and the drainer which at the other far end (underneath sink) was somehow blocked.  So the water didn't go anywhere.

The look of him is priceless

This hotel is very homey with a spacious and clean room.  You can also borrow DVD to watch in your own room for free of charge.  However, the best part from all (not me but my son) was a bunch of cats on the house.  Apparently, the owner is a fan of cats, they have nearly 10 of them.  They are very kind and playful.  At certain time, the owner will feed them and they all are gathered around the main reception area. 

Feeding time

Cingjing Farm

The hotel provide us with shuttle bus to go to Cingjing Farm (only 100TWD).  But on the way back, we didn't bother to use the shuttle bus as they have certain time only and we catch taxi back to hotel (200TWD).  Taxis in here do not use the meter, normally it will cost 200TWD for one way. 

It was a very very beautiful and enchanted farm.  You feel like you were on top of the world, watching the clouds below you.  With a cold breeze and hilly mountain scenery plus the peak is surrounded with lush green land and sheeps.  Don't have any words that can perfectly define this place.  Just absolutely loving it.

I'm on top of the world!!

Some snacks

Fresh fruits

Cingjing Guest House (for lunch)
We headed to Cingjing Guest House to have lunch there.  They are famous with their steak.  It is actually a hotel as well, but we didn't stay here as this place is full with group tours and over crowded.  By then we arrived there, it was around 2pm and lunch time is nearly over, but the waitress still kindly served us and we have the whole dining area for our own.

Tenderloin 390TWD - including unlimited salad bar

Lamb cut - 490TWD including unlimited salad bar

All made from paper/carton

Mone Garden Inn, Cingjing
No. 219-1, Renhe Rd, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County
Tel: +886 4 9280 3810
Cingjing Guest House (for lunch)
546, Taiwan, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township
Tel: +886 4 9280 2748
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