30 January 2017

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall And Shilin Night Market

Qingjing Farm, Taiwan

Today is our last day in Taipei, we just leisurely walked around Chiang Kai Shek and spend a good night at Shilin Night Market.  However, the weather wasn't be on our side.  Sprinkling nearly all day.  But we still can tried a few more Taiwanese cuisine and snacks.  Only covered a very little of Shilin Market, next time will definitely come back here again.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Taiwanese style lunch at one of the mall basement opposite our hotel

Taiwanese Douhua - silky soft tofu served with sugar syrup and topped with peanut and red bean

Shilin Night Market

Lu rou fan topped with floss pork

It is like a steamed glutinous flour with Chinese style stew minced pork, mushroom egg (top left on the menu)

At the Touyuan International Airport Lounge - unlimited lu rou fan (I have to maximize eating this dish before departing from Taipei - I will definitely miss this dish so much)
Thank you all to read my Taiwan posts.  Will see you again soon in my next journey.  You guys are rock!!  Octie Appetie...

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