10 January 2017

Ning Xia Night Market

Longshan Temple And Taipei 101

Ning Xia Market is a night market on one long narrow Ningxia street between Nanjing Road and Mingshen Road.  Packed not only with tourists but also for locals.  Some famous Taiwanese foods are sold here, such as stinky tofu, beef cube steak, tang yuan, oyster omelette, and so on.

Love everything that we tried, especially those stinky tofu.  Taste wonderful, despite all that stinky smelly tofu.  It is actually a great thing, because you won't miss that tofu stall whenever you walk pass. 

Face to face food stalls are lining up

Dining space area

Beef cube steak

Tang yuan (peanut or black sesame)

Stinky tofu

oyster omelette or o-a-chian

Take away and enjoy them in our hotel room, rather than join the crowd, it's pretty hard if you're going with a toddler
Having this dinner, accompanied with my new favourite drink - Peanut milk from convenient store.  It was wonderful.

Not to sure what is this but I saw so many locals buy this - not convince with their strong weird flavor though

Shuanglian MRT stop and Zhongshan MRT stop are the closest to Ningxia Night Market.  From Shuanglian stop, Exit 1 and head west down to Minsheng road for about 15 minutes until you reach Ning Xia Road. 

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