20 December 2016

Longshan Temple and Taipei 101

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Ximen

We bought the metro day pass for 150TWD, very convenient and worth it.  The metro is very decent, less complicated than Tokyo metro yet cover most of the places (tourist destinations).  Today, we visited Longshan temple, SunYat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, and Ning Xia night market.


Longshan Temple

SunYat Sen Memorial Hall

Pearl milk tea

Street food - Mango and coffee pudding

Taipei 101

Pork chop set with lu rou fan - from Taipei 101 food court

Soya chicken set - from Taipei 101 food court

Fresh papaya milk - my first time and I thought it was quite addictive
105 TWD for Metro one day pass

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Taiwan:
Ning Xia Night Market

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