16 December 2016

Last Day In Japan: Santa Monica Crepes And Grilled Beef Tounge

Japan Day 12: Kawagoe

What not to be missed while we were in Harajuku, is of course their famous yummy crepes.  When people are arguing about which one is the most delicious or which is better than the others.  Honestly for me, as I had tried crepes from three different stalls without following people opinions, I found that they are equally good.  If you guys have a doubt to which you should choose, go with your heart and don't get confused from bloggers.  I believe, if they are not good, the stall won't be there or won't last that long.  So give them a chance!!

Oreo strawberry crepe

Cream cheese crepe
I prefer a hot crepes over the one with a fancy ice cream on it.  My cream cheese crepe was the best, melted cheese on the hot soft crepe, what could possibly go wrong?

For our lunch, we randomly picked this restaurant that located on the upper level of Shinjuku station, right at the end on the corner.  We didn't remember the name of the restaurant, because at first we just wanted to have some beef meal.  Didn't realize, in here they are selling only beef tounge.  I'm ok with beef tounge but not so into it, however it turns out to be one of the best meal while we were in Tokyo.  Super delicious and the tounge itself is tender yet they still keep a little chewy texture of the tounge which is pretty good for me.  Simple meal yet delightful.  

View of Shinjuku railway from restaurant

Cats in the one of the shrine opposite my hotel

Strawberry pancake at the airport

Kid's meal at the airport
That's all folks, my trip in Japan this time.  Hopefully see you guys soon in any other part of the world.  Thank you for reading.  Octie Appetie...

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