22 September 2016

Japan Day 3: Ameyayokocho And Ueno Park

Japan Day 2: Tokyo DisneySea

Ameya-yokocho market is a busy narrow street, about 500 meters long market with more than few hundreds shops standing side by side between Ueno and Okachimachi station.  They sell a wide variety of items ranging from fresh and dry marine products, to clothing and miscellaneous goods.  I also noticed so many restaurants are selling the fresh raw marine food or raw meat.  Therefore, we jumped in to this nice-looking restaurant.  Looking very tiny and packed with diners, so we thought we may need to wait for awhile, but they direct us to upstairs where there are more seats available.  Yayy... no more rumbling tummy.  I straight away know what should I have, Beef tartare don, freshly minced beef topped with spring onions and raw egg yolk.  While my hubby went with his usual Unagi don, for save choice.  Both of dishes are absolutely wonderful.  Super fresh, flavorsome and cheap. 

Beef Tartare Don 890¥

Unagi Don 2,250¥

After a yummy breakfast that we had, we then stroll around the Ueno Park.  It was around mid April, that's why sakura trees were blossom everywhere and one of the best spot to see is in this Ueno Park.  We at first got off at Okachimachi station and walk along the market until reach the other entrance of the market which is near Ueno station and Ueno Park.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
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