21 September 2016

Japan Day 2: Tokyo DisneySea

Japan Day 1: Akihabara And Namja Town, Ikebukuro

Early on that day, we rushed having breakfast at one of the ramen shop at Ikebukuro station that open pretty early in the morning.  However, the tsukemen ramen was unbelievable delicious.  I actually had them more later while we were still in Tokyo. 

Then we catched JR train to JR Maihama station and exchange to Disney Resort Monorail to Tokyo Disney Sea station otherwise you can take a walk from JR Maihama station to the park (about 20 minutes).  But most of the people won't miss catching this special Disney-theme train.  The electric train @ Disney Gateway costs us 260¥/pp for one way ticket.

little boss was excitedly waiting for his train

Welcome to Disney Sea 

Where should we go first, mommy?

Minnie cinnamon churros

Baked salmon risotto with cheese

Luv you snowman

Not much story I could tell, you just need to experience and explore this park by yourself then you will understand why this Disneyland is the best theme park for kids and even adult. 

After spending a full day at DisneySea, we had a short stroll at the Tokyo station and grab some snacks along the way.  Then just take some rest at the hotel before another long day tomorrow.  Thank you to read my blog and Octie Appetie guys..

Tokyo banana brownies

Taiyaki @ Tokyo station 210¥

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
Japan Day 3: Ameyayokocho And Ueno Park

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