09 June 2016

Europe Part 12: Novotel Hotel and Tartine Cafe Barcelona City, Spain

Europe Part 11: Monaco

From Nice airport, we made our way to Barcelona City with easyjet that only took slightly less than one and half hour.  We flew in the late evening and arrive our hotel pretty much already dark there.  Therefore, we didn't walk anywhere that night and just relaxing at the hotel until the next morning.  We stayed at Novotel Hotel Barcelona for three nights.  The room was like any other Accor hotel style.  Very clean, minimalist, and the hotel itself is located in the great location, right behind Avenida Diagonal building. 

Avenida Diagonal
Avenida Diagona, Barcelona

The next morning, we spotted a nice-looking cafĂ©, very busy with a long line queue outside the door.  Of course, we joined that queue.  So so worth it to wait.  Their hot cocoa comes in a pack (colacao) that served with a cup of hot milk.  Beside that, they also serve sweet and savoury breakfast.  I was pretty amazed with their deconstructed bacon and scrambled egg sandwich.  Very delicious until I ordered second dish.  Their sweet pies and tarts were also yummy.  What a great breakfast we had today.  

Cacaolat 1.50 Euro

Bacon, scramble egg and toast (Desayuno) is 3.25 Euro

Chocolate Pie and Blueberry Cheese Tart
Novotel Barcelona City                       
Avenida Diagonal 201
(Entrada por Ciutat de Granada)

Tel (+34) 933262499                          

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Europe Part 13:

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