01 June 2016

Europe Part 11: Monaco

Europe Part 10: Nice, France

We hired a car to go for a day trip to Monaco (actually we hired the car since nice airport for two days and will return it back at the airport).  It took less than an hour cruisey drive from Nice to Monaco.  The main purpose visiting Monaco, of course to see the glamourous city and casino where most A-class people and celebrities are spending their weekend here.  Especially after watching that romantic Monte Carlo movie which is stared by Selina Gomes, makes me definitely have to come to this tiny little yet modern town. 

Look at those cars

Not only those luxury cars, high-end casino and lots of international restaurants, the town itself laid along the beautiful shore.  So lucky them, it is like one stop holiday destination for some people.  But for us, it was only a day tour here, as time is limited.  And we also had some Italian food before we headed back to Nice. 

Boys always will be boys

Caesar salad


Panna cotta with chocolate sauce

Hard to get the big car from airport - thanks to whoever skillfully fit everything in this tiny cars - with 5 adults and 2 little toddlers.

Paul Cafe' at the airport

Say tuned for the next blog still in Europe:

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