24 May 2016

Europe Part 6: One Of The Best German Food In Paris

Europe Part 5: Breakfast at Paris-style Cafe and Musee Du Lourve

In that evening, we continued our trip around The Lourve wandering for some dinner.  And we spotted this German restaurant around the corner (my apologies, I couldn't recall the name of the restaurant).  It sounds good to us, we sat down and ordered the food while we were starving.  At first we thought that the food portion may not be that big just like the others we had before.  Therefore, we went over board in ordering the food or maybe just to overwhelmed with their range of food.  When those food are served in front of us, we couldn't believe our eyes.  What we saw was all these gigantic meals filled up our table.  They are all good, taste amazing, we nearly managed to scrap them all though.  That pork was flavoursome, onion soup was also very hearty, sausages were enjoyable and the winner from all would be the mashed potato, it was very silky smooth, right texture and right flavour.  I could just have it on its own.

I actually want to recommend this place to anyone who'll be around there.  However, unfortunately I could not remember the name of this restaurant nor the address.  But what I'm sure is it's located not too far from Lourve, just probably about 10 minutes walk and right in the corner of so many international restaurant next to it. 

French onion soup

Salmon risotto 

Grilled chicken

Braised pork 

5 types of sausages 

Du Lourve at night with those lights looks totally amazing

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