24 May 2016

Europe Part 7: Heading To Belgium With Thalys

Europe Part 6: One of The Best German Food In Paris

Very early in the morning, we catch taxi to Paris train station called Gare Du Nord.  Jump into Thalys train to Brussels.  The train journey takes about one hour and ten minutes.  In this advance and modern city like Paris, everything is easy to find, all information is adequately provided for tourists.  We got there pretty early as we can chill out and had some breakfast before we departed.  However, there is mini bar inside the carriage as well, in case if you don't have time to buy some food before get in to the train.  By the way, we only do a day trip to Brussels this time, which I think it is so doable.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Belgium:
Europe Part 8: Brussels

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