26 May 2016

Europe Part 9: Belgian Waffles And Fries

Europe Part 8: Brussels

While you were in Brussels, of course what else not to be missed if it's not their famous waffles, fries and chocolates.  There are a few stalls selling waffles especially around the Grand Place, but I just picked the busiest and the longest queue just hoping it would be the best one.  The waffle itself costs as cheap as 1 euro.  However, they will charge extra for an ice cream and fruits.  For me, belgian waffle is a little different from any waffle out there.  I would say better actually, a bit harder and dryer though and the skin much crispier with I guess they kinda sprinkle sugar on the outside.  1.50 Euro for extra ice cream, but they put a big dollop of it and generous sauce and strawberry on top.  It was just yumm...

Their fried chicken and fries was also quite good.  I mean fried chickens were crispy, flavoursome and pretty common so what can go wrong with a fried chicken, right?  But fries hmmmm.. pretty average, or probably just me as I still prefer the slim one over the big fat chunk fries.

Belgian waffles

Left: sweets shop and right: giant chocolate meringue

Fried chicken and chips 8 euro

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Europe:
Europe Part 10: Nice, France

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