03 April 2015

Club Med Bali (Part 5 - Competition and Night Show)

Club Med Bali (Part 4 - Activities)

Staying in Club Med won't let you out of things to do.  You can just chilling and relaxing at the beach.  However, if you feel that your adrenaline pump and too much energy that you burst out to burn it all.  YES!!  This is definitely the right place to stay.

Club Med offers you a handful sports and activities to do on your own pleasure time or joining to their competition events that differs from time to time.  You can check them from the board.  Not only a serious competition they had, brilliant idea like blindfolded dart, mini ping pong or even judge-rules of mini golf and plenty more.

Ping pong

Mini Ping Pong Competition

Savour the winning moment

Practising Archery before the real competition

Still the last position and got the tiny pink balloon for reward

Mini golf

Cooking demonstration

Above all, when night comes, Club Med still alive and entertained people, they always provide the guests with a show that keep changing every night.  Then the closing up with the Club Med crazy signs dance and party.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Bali:

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