03 April 2015

Club Med Bali (Food - Part 1)

Club Med Bali (Part 5 - Competition and Night Show)

Here comes the food.  Staying in Club Med, you definitely won't feel hungry.  The international buffet is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  When they say 'International', they are really execute it.  They will have at least four or five varieties of cuisines each meal and the type of food will keep changing in every meal and never be the same everyday.  For what I know, their set of menu will run for the whole week then come repeat.  So if you stay there for seven days, you will hardly see same food come twice.  In Bali's Club Med, they have Indonesian section, Italian section, France section, Korean/Japanese section, and common Western food.  Then in between the main meal they will have varied snacking time from time to time such as BBQ at the beach, croissant morning tea, etc.

However, if you miss the buffet on the main meal time or you just craving in nibbling some more food.  You can head to Batur Restaurant (their specialty restaurant) just after lunch time finish from the main restaurant.  They normally have a few simple ala carte menu like chicken satay with fried rice, club sandwich or pasta to choose from.  And if you want to change ambience and feel a bit more private, you can book at the receptionist early morning on that day for a fine dining-like dinner at Batur Restaurant at no cost you just need to make a reservation before anyone because the spaces are filled up very quick, especially with a nice theme of the day (reservation required for dinner).

The dining area is very very huge, so not to worry that you won't get any seat.  Below are just some of the photos that I took regarding their food over 6 days that I'd  stayed there.  My favourite part was the dessert and cakes.  As Club Med is France based company and France is really do make a great pastry and cakes as we always know.  So, please enjoy and Octie Appetie....

Dining Area in the Main Restaurant

Dining Area in the Main Restaurant

Assorted Bread

Dessert haven


Variety of Breads for breakfast

Dim Sum on Breakfast time

Selection of drinks

Fresh fruits

This one was the best meal I had in Club Med, Grilled chicken with Kangkung Belacan served with rice from Indo section

Unlimited ice cream

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Bali:
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