18 June 2014

Day 13: Sosoan, Kyoto

Day 13: Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka Stairs, Kyoto

Philosopher's Path

Sosoan Restaurant, Kyoto

Kyoto is also known as a tofu town.  I have seen from few blogs mentioning that Sosoan restaurant is one of restaurant that serving a tofu set course menu.  Located near the Philosopher's Path, make it easy to find.  The dining area is located on the second floor.  However, there is only one waitress in the restaurant and she couldn't speak English at all.  She brought this piece of paper only with 2 or 3 price lists and how many food in that set. Without knowing what the list of food that we will be getting, we choose from the price that suit our budget then gambling from there and hope she will serve a good tofu meal.

Agedashi tofu

Tofu and seaweed soup

Grilled fish

Stew figs with bean curd milk
 This dish that got me remember.  Tofu or bean curd is pretty normal in savoury dishes for me, but for dessert is still unusual.  The figs were cooked beautifully, soft yet still have this crunchy texture on but once they mixed with the bean curd soup, taste kinda weird.

Overall, we quite disappointed with this meal although this was quite unique and interesting meal that I ever had.  I mean, they presented the food beautifully but for the taste is slightly out of my ordinary radar. Generally, I like my bean curd or I even adore soy milk but they way they put them all together as a complete dish wasn't appealing to me in the matter of flavour-wise.  Lack of seasoning especially for the bean curd soup and their dessert.

So So An Restaurant, kyoto
A block away from Philosopher's path and near the Honenin Temple
Ph: 075-352-3131

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