11 July 2014

Day 13: Arashiyama

Day 13: Sosoan, Kyoto

This bus timetable at the bus stop anywhere in Kyoto is very very cool.  They tell you the whereabouts bus is at that moment.  Like where the bus is stopping or approaching the next stop.  So you are not waiting undoubtedly to when your bus actually will come.

The romantic train journey run along magnificent scenery from Saga Arashiyama to Kamoeka station.  All those beautiful river and mountain backdrop view and the cute tanuki statues on the platform is worth seeing for.  Basically, the train ride back and forth from Arashiyama to Kamoeka station takes about half an hour long.  We made an early stop on the way at back, just one stop before Arashiyama station where we got on before, then walk along the Bamboo Groves until reach back to where we come from.

Tanuki Statues

Bamboo Groves

Saga Scenic Train
From Saga-Arashiyama station to Kamoeka station
Return ticket is 1,200yen/adult

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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