11 May 2014

Day 9: Takayama

Day 8: Ramen Museum, Shin Yokohama

Heading further down south today, we make our way visiting the beautiful old town of Takayama for the next three days.  Catching Shinkansen again to Nagoya then transfer to the local express train to Takayama. Leaving pretty early from Tokyo, we need to stock up with some yummy breakfast, some bread from Choco Cro (St. Marc cafe) just underneath our hotel and some Tonkatsu sandwich from Tokyo station, my favourite.

I really love the bread from St. Marc cafe, they really fresh, flavoursome and the bread itself were slightly have a sweeter taste.

Breads from Choco Cro and Tonkatsu sandwich 500yen

Wide View Hida train

Takayama station

In Takayama, for those who don't know, this little town or more like this little region is very famous with their Hida beef.  You can get a lots of different version of beef, from steak to sushi.  Beef beef and beef everywhere.  Look out for their grade too.  The better grade is really making poles apart in taste and texture.  Oops!!!  And in pricing too.

In this post, I will mainly review about the snacks that we got around Takayama town in one fine evening. Our first stop, is this tiny stall, actually belong to the big restaurant next to it, not far from our ryokan, selling only seared beef sushi and beef skewers.  We absolutely adore this lightly seared Hida beef sushi with dash of sauce on top.  However, the skewer wasn't as good as I expected, it was slightly tasteless, only plain beef.  In here, they charge too overpriced.

Beef nigiri 500yen/each

Beef skewer 500yen/each

Pumpkin Pudding from Le Midi

A5 beef skewer 450yen
 They mentioned A5 beef that got our eyes gaze on it.  Wow, the good quality of beef come from this tiny shop, really!!!!  But we still landed there to get our next beef skewer.  It was far better than the first one that we got.  The meat was much tender and succulent and the lady grilled fresh to order in front of you, it definitely worth the wait.  It also got the right seasoning of salt and pepper.

Pork Cheese Japanese style burger 400yen

Beef miso Japanese style burger 400yen
 Choices of meat is then sandwiched in between the grilled sticky rice.  Excellent idea, but it wasn't quite delivered.  The pork cheese burger was way too salty, but the beef miso burger was pretty delicious though.

Oodamayaki 300yen

And this Oodamayaki looks huge and appetising.  Oodamayaki is more like a bigger version of takoyaki. We were little disappointed, the filling is too wet and watery, seems like it wasn't cooked through properly.  We didn't enjoy much the food from this stall.  Wait and see for our next snacking journey along the tiny alley of Sannomachi.  We found heaps more yummy snacks there.

Fried chicken from convenient store

Hot corn soup from vending machine

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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