08 May 2014

Day 8: Ramen Museum, Shin Yokohama

Day 8: Yokohama

As I mentioned earlier, today our schedule is very tight, tight with food tasting.  Starting from Kamakura to try their specialities which is Dango, next, visiting the biggest Chinatown at Yokohama to savour mainly with Chinese type snacks, then noodles at Cup Noodle Museum and lastly another noodle dishes from this popular Raumen Museum at Shin-Yokohama.

Japanese is very smart, they created this space with only ramen theme.  Decorated to bring back the old and traditional Japan period, from the shops, the little houses, the tiny alley, and small touch here and there. You also can sample the best ramen from different region all over Japan.  Pork, miso, soy variety type of broths to choose from.  Then numerous types of topping as well from different stalls.

We got our eyes lay on this unique yet interesting looking ramen stall.  Dip ramen probably sounds usual. But here is Hollywood Dip Ramen, far from usual.  They point out 'Hollywood' there as the first original shop is founded by group of Japanese youngster who live in LA and apparently is very famous there. 

Back Drift Ramen (spicy) 850yen
Johny Ramen 850yen

The broth of this dip ramen was fairly thick just the way I like it.  Good flavour combination come from the broth itself.  The noodle was a little too chewy for me.  The roast pork on top was ok.  Overall, it is a good dish and I quite enjoy it.

Ikemen Hollywood
Dip ramen

2-14-21 Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-City
Ph: 045 471 0503
Entry fee: 300yen

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