13 May 2014

Day 9: Sannomachi (Old Town), Takayama

Day 9: Takayama

Old Town (Sannomachi), Takayama

Gohei Mochi 180yen

3 pieces sushi 900yen
2 pieces for 800yen
We saw this long queue in the sushi stall along Sannomachi or Old Town.  We definitely went and joinned the line.  Something good surely await at the end of the line.  That's true!!!  Those beef nigiri and steak tartare-like sushi complete with little quail yolk on top were absolutely wonderful and tasty and nothing can possibly come close or compare to this gorgeous little haven.  Extremely delicious, very very enjoyable to eat and full of flavour as well.  The rice cracker underneath as the serving dish is edible too.  We even back for second, it was certainly worth the wait.

Taiyaki 200yen/5 pieces
So looking forward to try this tiny taiyaki (fish shaped waffle with filling), however, as they already cooked much earlier, so taiyaki was cooled and wasn't as good as they suppose to be warm and fresh. They have five different fillings: chocolate, cheese, sausage, sweet bean, and sweet potato.  But that matcha green tea was frosty and delicious.  Very pleasant to drink in this cold weather.  And sitting in this cafe also feel very cozy overlooking the small Japanaese garden.

Sake breweries are easily recognised by Sugidama (balls made of cedar branches) hung over their entrance.  And this one type of sake in huge version as a symbol of the sake shop (as photo below) are normally stacked in front of the shop.  I also got that sake to bring home, it was 2,650yen for 720ml, quite pricey, but the packaging was so cute.

Iconic Sake

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