14 May 2014

Day 9: Ryokan Seiryu, Takayama

Day 9: Sannomachi (Old Town), Takayama

Ryokan Seiryu, Takayama

Public bath
Living room/bedroom

Tiny bathroom

This ryokan is located only few blocks away from station.  Very easy to find, just walk straight ahead from Takayama station then turn left at the 6th intersections and the ryokan just on your right.  Although, this ryokan is not as big as Kokuya ryokan that we stayed while we were in Shibu Onsen, but in here feeling more homey and comfortable to stay.  The staffs here are very polite and friendly, they are very helpful as well.

Hey!!!!  Our name is on the board...

For our first night in Seiryu, we include Japanese dinner and breakfast as well.  The good thing is dinner served in our own room.  The shabu shabu meal is accompanied by few other small condiments dishes.  Everything on the table were absolutely delicious.  They were freshly made, presentation was very pretty too and most importantly they were tasteful and flavoursome.  Also, as we have it in our own room, is more relaxing atmosphere and no time limit.  What a great night!!!

marbling beef

For the next day breakfast, after a good night sleep last night, we have it in their dining room.  The breakfast is a set of small food and serve with Takayama's popular dish, Hoba miso steak, cooked to your liking.  They are ready on our table, the breakfast set is served on the wooden box.  Once we open it, they are nine tiny dishes on the different shaped and coloured bowls.  They are very pretty and appetising too.  And Mango pudding is given to us at the of the meal. 

Mango pudding

Seiryu Ryokan, Takayama
6 Hanakawa-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
Ph: +81-577-32-0448

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