16 May 2014

Day 10: Miyagawa Morning Market, Takayama

Day 9: Ryokan Seiryu, Takayama

Miyagawa Morning Market

There are two morning markets in Takayama, both are along the river, Miyagawa and Jinya-Mae.  They open everyday from 6am until 12pm.  Mostly selling fresh fruits and vegetables but also souvenirs and at Miyagawa market, the shops opposite market all along the way sell heaps of snacks and local products.

We only have time to visit one of the market, we went to Miyagawa market.  We didn't get much stuff from the market more like buying snacks actually from the shops opposite the market.  Don't miss the mushroom pickles with wasabi, highly recommended.  Hence, it was just purely heaven walking along this beautiful river with the warm touch of morning sun. 

No face doll is very popular in Takayama

Their mushroom pickle with wasabi is absolutely the best

Sweet meringue

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