20 May 2014

Day 10: Gujo Hachiman (Part 2)

Day 10: Gujo Hachiman

Not only the famous fake food factory to visit but still plenty more other things to do here.  The town itself is beautiful, but the water way also as pretty to see.  Such as: Igawa lane and Yanaka lane. 

This town is very peaceful and quite.  Very far away from hustling bustling city life.  No traffic jam, no huge advertisement board, no big neon light, people living here are very slow pace move, they are really enjoying the true meaning of life.  Truly cherish this relaxing moment.

Sogisui Source

Yanaka Lane

Igawa Lane

Feeding the fish in Igawa lane

The cake from random small shop in Gujo Hachiman, surprisingly delicious

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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