22 May 2014

Day 10: Dinner at Takayama

Day 10: Gujo Hachiman (Part 2)

I'm not too sure what was the name of the shop, but it always busy around lunch and dinner time.  Expecting a very long queue and bit of wait.  Luckily, we went there outside the eating hour, nearly 9pm, the restaurant only have a few people dining in there.  However, the one dish that I'd been looking forward since yesterday afternoon is sold out, the sliced roast pork with raw yolk on top of rice.  That's why we ordered Gyudon and Roast beef noodle soup instead.

Beef skewers 500yen/each

Gyudon 750yen

Roast beef noodle soup (large) 1400yen

Takayama's ramen is a little different from ramen in Kanto region.  The noodle here is thinner and more like egg noodle texture.  I honestly enjoy more with this type of noodle.  Plus those medium rare roast beef on top were absolutely gorgeous.  The soup was clear and flavoursome as well.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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