23 May 2014

Day 11: Shirakawa-Go

Day 10: Dinner at Takayama

Early morning we went to the same bus stop with yesterday, but this time we were heading to Shirakawa-Go.  Only about 50 minutes away from Takayama by bus.  This town is very unique, unique with their house shape.  Only less than 2,000 local people populate in there, very very quite town.  A day tour is probably enough, but if you want to indulge deeper with the way people live there and sample their local food cooked by the local people, do stay in one of their minshuku.  It would be one of your memorable experiences.

Since Shirakawago became a UNESCO site, the number of tourists visiting this place grew rapidly, therefore it also helps increasing their economy.  However, in the down side, there was an outbreak of damage to the area from tourists entering people's homes to see how they lived, taking pictures and other such manners.  There is also a fear growing that the change to catering to tourists will harm the charm of the area's simplicity and fundamental Japanese scenery.

Therefore, Please do care of the environment and surroundings when you are visiting anywhere!!  Help in protecting and preserving the World Heritage sites, so others still have a chance to see this beautiful scenery.  And respect the ancestors and local people who actually build this magnificent place with their own hand and hard work.

Hidagyu Kushiyaki (Beef Skewers)

They smartly use the natural spring water flow from the mountain to keep the bottle of drinks cool.  Fridge is not needed around here. 

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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