07 April 2014

Day 5: On Our Way To Shibu Onsen

Day 4: Mount Fuji and Hakone

Ekiben shop
Ekiben Shop at Tokyo Station
Shinkansen/Bullet Train

Inside Shinkansen

Unagi Ekiben
Unagi Ekiben ¥1,000
Assorted Sushi ¥850
Japanese's Ekiben are look pretty on the box and they taste delicious as well.  Just little tip for you guys, avoid the deep fried stuff as it won't taste as good as when they freshly cooked, go for the food that good while served cold.  However, if you don't mind, that's ok too as the nice flavour is still there, as I don't mind too.

To go to Shibu Onsen,Yudanaka, firstly we need to catch train to Nagano station then head out from the Shinkansen station and follow the sign to the Electric Railway and catch the local train to Yudanaka station.  Train to go to Yudanaka is not included in the Japan Rail Pass and we need to pay ¥1,230 per person one-way for the express train.  In the mean time, we called Kokuya Ryokan just to notify them so they can pick us up in the Yudanaka station when we arrive there.

hen you have a chance to catch this Electric Railway to Yudanaka, walk to the front end of the train and you can see this amazing driver-view. 

Yudanaka Station
Yudanaka Station
Yay!!!!  Finally, we arrived at Yudanaka Station.  I'm so looking forward in staying in this Kokuya Ryokan.  Private onsen, their delicious kaiseki meal, and our-first-time futon bed.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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