09 April 2014

Day 5: Kokuya Ryokan, Shibu Onsen (Part 1)

Day 5: On Our Way To Shibu Onsen

Welcome Green Tea and Mochi

Once we arrived in Kokuya Ryokan, the nice lady showed us around the Ryokan and briefly explained the facilities in here.  I probably need a map, the place is a little bit confusing, so complicated the way from point to point.  Inside Kokuya, there are 8 hot spring baths and 2 of them are for private use.  Will talk more about this in the next blog.

Then the lady took us to our room, where we gonna enjoy and relax there for the next 2 nights.  She welcomed us with green tea and a chestnut mochi while talking us through what we can do for the rest of afternoon. 

Lounge area in day time/bedroom at night

Outdoor shower

Private Hot Spring Bath

Private Hot Spring Bath

Let alone hot spring bath is already ecstatic me and here we have it privately in our balcony, it totally blew my mind.  Sunk into it, that's the first thing we do.

Kokuya Ryokan

After we came back to our room from dinner, this comfortable futon-bed was already been set up for us.

Shibu onsen street, Yamanouchi town Shimotakai-gun
Ph: 0269-33-2511

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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