08 January 2014

Ross and Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Hobart (Tasmania - Part 3)


Left: Bacon, Tomato and Scrambled Egg $15.50 and Right: Salmon Omellette $15.50

Tant Pour Tant (Closed)
75 George St, Launceston
Ph: 03 6334 0075

We had breakfast in this little cafe in Launceston before we heading down south to our next stop, Hobart.  Sadly, I just found out today that this cafe had closed, what a pitiful.  They serve a really delicious breakfast with big serving portion.


Half way to Hobart, we make a brief stop at Ross.  A small little town, pretty to be photographed and the view from the Ross bridge was stunning.

Ross' Bridge
Ross' Bridge

Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Hobart

Cadbury Chocolate factory was my ultimate place that I want to visit in this trip.  Once I arrived there (it was April 2012), I just found out that they don't allow people to go inside the factory anymore.  Soooo... soooooo... disappointed.  We only can watch the video of chocolate making process.  Because around end of 2011, they had a huge cut off employees and now, the chocolate's production mainly has been replaced with Robot.  However, we still got a bar of Cadbury chocolate for sample and few little Freddo chocolates to take home as well.  (Entry fee is $7.50/pp)

Wouldn't it be nice.....

Hobart City
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