06 January 2014

Cradle Mountain, Launceston (Tasmania - Part 2)

Cataract Gorge, Launceston (Tasmania - Part1)

Today, we were driving to Cradle Mountain, the most famous place to visit here.  It's about 140km far from Launceston Central.  We have a clear blue sky, so hopefully we can see the peak of Cradle Mountain today, if we are lucky enough.  On the way there, we stopped at this Melita Honey store where they selling everything made from honey, from different flavoured jam to ice creams.

Once you arrived at the information centre up there at the hill of the mountain, you could either drive with your car entering the National Park (pay the entry fee) or park your car there and ride the shuttle bus ($16.50 pp).  Shuttle bus will make 5 stops with Dove Lake as the last destination and then they make a round way back to the information centre.  The whole journey takes approximately 20 minutes and the bus come every 15 minutes.

Cradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake
Dove Lake

Money Bags $10.90 (4 pieces)

Panang Beef $19.90

Chicken Basil $19.90

Left: Tom Yum Goong $10.90 and Right: Tom Kha Kai $9.90
Left: Banana In Coconut Milk $10.90 and Right: Sticky Rice with Thai Custard $10.90
 The food in here were lovely, I couldn't believe in a small town like this I still can find an authentic Thai food that suit with my palate.  But I found some dishes are a bit overpriced as their serving portion is quite small.

Star Of Siam
Corner Charles Street and Paterson Street, Launceston
Ph: 03 6331 2786

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