09 January 2014

Hobart (Tasmania - Part 4)

Ross and Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Hobart (Tasmania - Part 3)

LoVe this hotel so much.  Comfy bed, great great location, restaurants and market are within the walking distance only.

Mercure Hotel
156 Bathurst St, Hobart
Ph: 03 6232 6255

Derwent River
Derwent River
Lemon Lime Bitter $5.50
Crispy Duck Skin $7.80
Stir Fried Pork and Vegetables $16
Diced Beef $16

Bun Gao Grilled Pork $12
 Their food were all yumm.  Most of their food is kinda traditional Vietnamese cuisine with modern touch.  The service was lovely as well.  We had a really nice dinner in Sapa Rose until we come back again the next day to try their special lunch menu which look very appetising.

Sapa Rose
77-81 Harrington Street, Hobart
Ph: 03 6234 3806

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