12 December 2013

Culinary Journey - Indonesia (Part 6)


This blog is one of my favourite, as it is enclosed the beauty of Indonesian food, snacks and drinks that you could indeed get all of them from the shopping mall.  So, for ladies especially, before doing your all day shopping in the mall, you can keep yourself energise with some yummy breakfast, then after tiring from walk you can also have some light snacks and refreshing drinks, and of course a nice dinner again with your besties.  Or, for guys out there, you won't be bored accompanying your girlfriends for shopping as you can stay all day with delicious foods, but leave some room for dinner with your girlfriend as she definitely would be hungry after long day shopping.

Nasi Bebek with Empela Rp. 17,500 (about $1.80)
Nasi Bebek
Nasi Bebek Rp.15,000 (about $1.55)
Nasi Bebek Pak Janggut
Pakuwon Trade Centre (PTC)
Jl. Puncak Lontar Indah, Surabaya

Left: Cincau Sirop and Right: Cincau Santan Rp. 7,000 (about 70¢)
Es Sinom
Es Sinom Rp.6,000 (about 60¢)
TThis is one of my old time favourite drink, very refreshing especially in the hot- Asian weather.  It made from turmeric and tamarind.  Very uniquely sweet, aromatic yet refreshing drink.

J Co Donuts

Some of the flavours that I got from the box are: (clockwise from top left) Cheese me up, Avocado Dicaprio, Choco Nutzy, Green Tease, Hello Berry, and A1 Capone Mona Risa (Tomato and Ham Donut). Their names are quite fancy but as good as their taste though.

We also tried their J.Co Katsu (photo below), it's basically a burger like Chicken Katsu and drizzled with mayo and chilli sauce.  It was yummm...

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Branches around Indonesia
one of them is in:
Surabaya Town Square (Sutos)
Jl. Adityawarman No. 55, Surabaya

The top photo is the stall that selling deep fried battered mushroom with choices of your spices (you can choose more than one flavour combination of spices) and topped with flavoured mayo and/or chilli sauce.  It costs only Rp. 17,000 (about $1.75).  The bottom left photos is called Ice Puter, again you can choose a few different flavour ice creams like Chocolate, Durian, Strawberry, Soursop, Avocado, Coconut, etc.  Then for toppings, they have Cincau (Grass Jelly), Peanuts, Pearls and plenty others.  That medium bowl filled with 3 different flavours of ice creams as well as toppings cost me as cheap as Rp. 12,000 (about $1.20).

Ladies!! Are we just special or ..???

Banana Split Rp. 27,000 (about $2.80)

Left: Fanta Hijau Float and Right: Macedonia Mocha and Raisin Rp. 28,000 (about $2.90)
Lt. 3, Plaza East 1 (TP1)
Jl. Basuki Rahmat No. 8-12, Surabaya

Crepes with peanut, chocolate and cheese Rp. 12,000 (about $1.20)
De Crepes
Tunjungan Plaza 3 (Lv. 5)
Food Court Area

Left: Jeruk Manis Hangat (warm orange drink) and Es Teh Manis (Ice Tea - sweet)
Top Right: Pangsit Mie Jumbo Rp.25,000 (about $2.60) and Bottom Right: Nasi Goreng Seafood Rp.21,000 (about $2.20)

Have I ever mention before??  Probably not!!!  In Indonesia, for the common drink like tea or orange juice, mostly, you can choose whether you want it with or without sugar and hot or cold.

Pangsit Mie '90' Ujung Pandang
Atom Mall Lv.4 FD 19
Ph : +62 31 7252 9090

Indonesian traditional and modern snacks are normally in the price range of Rp.1,000 - Rp.5,000 (about 10¢-50¢ each)

@ Frangipani, Loop: Mie Kluntung (Javanese Fried Noodle), Kangkung Cah Ebi Belacan (Stir Fry Kangkung with Belacan and Dried Shrimp), Sate Daging Kelapa (Beef Satay with Coconut), and Gurami ala Saus Malaka (Fish in Malaka Sauce)
For people who not really familiar with Indonesia, we actually have such an amazing country, full of culture, plenty of nice foods and friendly people.  Sounds like I'm bragging too much but I personally believe that Indonesia has a lots of potential to be famous in the tourism industry.  However, I see that government didn't put too much effort in promoting it.  Although, most of people already known Bali but most of them don't realise that it is part of Indonesia and there are still many other beautiful places to visit beside Bali and more other delicious food to try beside Nasi Goreng.  So, if you like travelling and want to explore something new, put Indonesia in one of your list.

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