10 August 2012

Boat Tour in Vang Vieng (Day3, Part2)


There's plenty of things to do in Vang Vieng apart form the famous tubing.  You can enjoy riding the motor boat along the Nam Song river for sightseeing.  Best to do in the early morning or when sunset for the most spectacular panoramic view Vang Vieng has to offer.  But for sunset view, better to start the ride just before 5pm as it would take a good one hour rides because as the sky getting darker, the mountain's insects actively flying around and the speedy boat, you kinda clashing and run into them, honestly it is very very unpleasant feeling.  Happen to me, that's why on the way riding back to resort, I didn't open my mouth otherwise imagine how many insects I will swallow and I can be full with that. 

If you stay in the Thavonsouk Resort, the boat tour starting point is only a short walk down toward the river from resort.  So it's really convenience.  Here, please take a look at some of the photos taken along the boat journey. Although, you may not be able to picturised much from these photos but trust me the real experience is totally amazing.  Octie Appetie guys..

Another fun activity that you can experience along Nam Song river, especially for youngster will probably be the Tubing.  Just comfortably sit on the circle tube and let the slow tide floating them to the end of Nam Song river.  No worries about the depth as the river is only a feet shallow or slightly higher in some areas but mind you though that the water is quite cold.

Or some planking maybe

Or if you choose to just relaxing by the river, I think here would make the perfect spot with this over-water bamboo hut and not forget to mention they serving some food too there.  So satisfying both mentally and physically.

Beautiful sunset

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