30 July 2012

La Bodeguita Del Medio, Sydney

A  statement of 'Fun' night for me means that I can enjoy my delightful dinner with someone special, listen to the funky music plus scrumptious meals.  Not so surprise that all of them, I can get it from one place, one dining venue which is LBDM, Le Bodeguita Del Medio, a Cuban restaurant in the city CBD, Bohemian-Cuban atmosphere together with authentic Cuban music and dances.  We went there for an early dinner otherwise the place is becoming too packed when the needle hitting 7 on the clock.  So by the time we finished our dinner, we were ready to rock the dance floor.

Right: Mojito $10 and Left: Cuba Libre $10
Mojito!!!!  is the Cuba's national cocktail.  Very famous for a reason, delicious of course.. and this rum drink also has sweet taste which accompanied with a punch of tanginess from the lemon and refreshing touch from mints.  If you never tried it before, give it a try guys!!!

Panceta de Cerdo $17
To be a healthy dish, this pork won't be any near that.  But to be a fatty and delicious feast, this golden crispy pork is without doubt made it to the top chart!!!!  It's a simple crackling pork that been roasted for 42 hours, extremely soft and tender, still intact with their natural sweetness and cracked crackling skin on top accompanied by somewhat less important elements on the dish which was compressed watermelon and white balsamic foam, though they still made a great companion to the already perfect pork.

Calamari $16
It's always get into me, the food that been served on the tile-like serving dish.  Although some people might get annoy with its scrapping noise, but I don't mind it at all.  Despite, it makes the food taste yummier.  Loves all the elements on this dish, calamari with roasted baby carrots and crumbs, perfect combination and flavoursome, though I found that the calamari is abit tough.  Nevertheless, the taste and the crumbs were absolutely beautiful.

Ropa Vieja de Cordero $30
I'm not a fan of Lamb, but this dish somehow converted me.  It was a huge portion of a slow braised shredded lamb with black bean vinaigrette that full of flavour and matched perfectly with those yellow rice, but I prefer my rice to be more softer and more soggy.

Yellow rice $5
Pato Con Chocolate $36
Is there anyone doesn't like eating chocolate as a sweet??  Now, how about eating chocolate as savoury?? This pink duck breast dish served with sweet potato croquants and chocolate sauce.  The role of chocolate sauce here more likely to add the bitterness side than sweetness, unusual mix of flavours but taste great.

Hurricane $17

Café y caramelo $16
Bittersweet mocha dome served with candied peanuts and salted caramel ice cream.  They all married well together, just right combination of texture and flavour especially that ice cream had won my heart over..

Alfajor $15
We wanted to order the La Lechera at first which is a classic LBDM style dessert, condensed milk dulche de leche with milk bubbles, but it wasn't available and the waitress suggested this dessert instead, Alfajor.  Very amazing looking dessert, beautifully presented and comes with a wonderful taste too.  Alfajor is basically a dulche de leche, condensed milk, caramelized banana on top and crumbed biscuits scattered on the side to add the crunchiness texture.

Overall, very enjoyable meal along with an extensive range of rum drink, accompanied with the festive and lively ambiance.  Although I found that the service was abit too rush and urging but it's totally understandable in this kind of fast pace environment and the house full of crowd.

125 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9264 4224

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  1. The desserts are great there and it's lots of fun! It was so busy the night that we went :)