12 June 2012

Teras Bali & Vivid Sydney 2012

Teras Bali is a new comer of another Indonesian cuisine restaurant in Sydney.  Good news for me of course as we don't have very much (great) Indonesian restaurants here in Sydney yet.  Just by a quick glance, they got a Bali name tag, it is quite easy to guess that there will be heaps of Balinese specialties here.  You may already know that Bali has a really rich and unique culture and food.  However, for me this Teras Bali restaurant only represents abit of it and of course if you want to experience the true Bali, you have to go there, definitely you will not regret.  Not only the food, apparently Bali is voted as one of the top ten destination in the world by many medias and they also offer you with spectacular beaches and serene mountains and suit everyone whether a family holiday or romantic getaway ...

Enough saying about beautiful Bali Island, now let's get back to this Teras Bali restaurant.

Complimentary Kerupuk & Kecap Manis

Left: Champagne Cocktails Midori Mimosa $12 and Right: Sex On The Beach $14
SOB (Sex On The Beach) is basically a mixture of vodka with peach schnapps, pineapple & cranberry juice.

Toblerone $15
Toblerone is only name that borrowed from Toblerone chocolate but no actual Toblerone in it, but taste wise much better than eating the original chocolate.  It made from Frangelico, Kahlua, Bailey's, Ice cream and Chocolate Syrup and finished with sliced strawberries on top.

Left: Bananarama $15 and Right: My Living Room $15
Bananarama is claimed to be the favourite drink on the table that night, they got Kahlua, Bailey's and banana blended together with ice then topped again with extra fresh banana.

And for My Living Room, is a nice name, isn't??  It tastes good too and is basically a vodka drink mixed with strawberry liqueur, fresh strawberry and mango.

Martabak $13.50
Martabak is one of the popular street food in Indonesia and it is originally a Muslim food.  Extremely crispy fried pancake filled with egg, minced chicken, leek and onions.  In Indonesia, normally they will come in different choices of meat as well, like the most common is lamb, beef or corned beef.

Sate Babi $17.50
Skewered pork fillet that been marinated for hours then grilled, the best satay should be grilled using charcoal. This Satay comes with 6 skewers per serving.

Sate Campur $19.50
Mixed of beef, chicken and prawn satays and comes with 15 skewers per serving.  From this dish, the prawn satay was definitely the winner.  The meat from prawn was still juicy and the skin was crispy charred.  However, the beef wasn't as tasty as the chicken and pork satay, probably they didn't marinate it long enough.

Satay's condiments
Peanut sauce and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), is no surprise for the chicken satay and kecap manis only is for the beef and pork satay.  The pickled of cucumber and carrot for the refreshing touch.  However, it all comes down to people preference anyway, just try to mix and match which one goes best with your satay.  It's really fun!!!

Nasi Goreng Bali $18.50
Balinese fried rice with lemongrass paste, fried chicken, prawns satays & omelette also served with kerupuk udang (prawn cracker).  The rice is very authentic, all the condiments were absolutely delicious although the rice wasn't enough spices and lack of flavour.

Ayam Betutu $18.50
Balinese steamed chicken in banana leaves served with stirred seasonal vegetables.

Babi Guling $18.50
Babi Guling is the famous delicacy in Bali, however it's abit hard to find this heavenly dish in the Bali CBD this day, eventhough there is quite a few restaurants selling them in the city but taste is rather touristy not that what truly Balinese Babi Guling should be.  But if you have a chance to travel to the remote local village outside the city, especially where it's packed with locals dine in, then you can justify that might be the one that serve the authentic Babi Guling.

Babi Guling is Balinese suckling pig and in here they served with lemongrass salsa and spicy water spinach (KangKung).  This dish is the one I'd been looking forward to it, but unfortunately it disappointed me.  Very small portion of roasted pork served and the skin crackling wasn't crispy at all and more to tough actually.  But that Spicy Kangkung was still fabulous.

Ayam Panggang Bumbu Matah $16.50
Grilled chicken coated with sweet soy sauce and tossed with lemongrass chilli salsa 

Steamed Rice (medium) $4

Top: Sambal Teri $3 and Bottom: Sambal Ulek $4
Sambal Teri is tomato chilli pepper and dried anchovies paste.  Sambal Ulek is freshly homemade chilli, garlic, shallots, shrimp paste.  They didn't deliver it as what I expected, Sambal (chilli) should be hot and spicy, but in here is nothing near spiciness not even mild for me.

I would say that their main dishes, some were good but some were quite mediocre.  But their desserts were totally awesome, it's quite surprising for Asian restaurant to have this amazing dessert.  By the look from the menu, everything sounds delicious, that's why we couldn't hold ourself although we're pretty full already and still ordered four kind of desserts.

Jajan Pasar (6 choices) $14.50
The meaning of Jajan Pasar is snacks from the market.  Here, they have set of 3, 6 or 9 choices.  We got the set of 6 that consist of (clockwise from top left): Bubur Ketan Hitam (Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk), Bubur Kacang Hijau (Mung bean with Coconut Milk), Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters), Banana and Chocolate Spring Roll, Kue Lapis Legit (Indonesian Layered Cake), and lastly Green Tea Ice Cream with Shredded coconut and coconut sugar (Gula Jawa).  They all are absolutely fantastic, especially that spring roll and bubur kacang hijau are totally won me over.

Left: Bubur Kacang Hijau and Right: Bubur Ketan Hitam

Pandan Cheesecake $9.50
The cheesecake was incredibly smooth and served with thin biscuit on top and strawberry coulis.

Apple Creme Brulee $9.50
TThis dessert is the most standout from all, loves the combination of apple and creamy creme brulee and it served with coconut ice cream and little drop of palm sugar syrup to add the tropical twist.  This dish gone in a flash and scraped completely clean.  It's just so yummmm...

Death By Chocolate $10.50
The warm chocolate fondant was intense and moist and it goes really well with the vanilla ice cream but sadly that chocolate sauce taste awful, is like the ready chocolate sauce that you can get from any supermarket.

Teras Bali
Shop 2/17 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9251 9265

Opening hours:
Monday:    6pm - late
Tue - Sat:  12pm - late
Closed on Sunday

After dinner, we walked along Circular Quay and The Rock enjoying the Vivid Sydney Lighting festival 2012 that just ended last Monday, 11 June.  The lighting's theme this year is more toward the 3D gig.  Here are some of the photos that I took at that night. Hope you guys enjoy my blog, Octie Appetie...

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  1. great review. thank you

  2. I really want to try this restaurant! Hopefully trying Balinese cuisine will make me think of when the weather was warm in Bali! :D