08 June 2012

Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai - Day 2 (Part 1)


In my very own opinion, Dhara Dhevi resort in Chiang Mai is an extremely, ultimately unique resort I have ever stay.  Its stunning architecture influenced by blending of Burmese, Laos and Lanna-Kingdom's touch of elegant ancient art.  From the ceiling to the floor, every directions you set your eyes on, are spectacular and pure magic.  The gorgeous rooms are perfectly set amongst the rice paddies and ponds.

Having a chance to stay here on my honeymoon is an unforgettable moment and life time experience.  Making me feel like I'm staying in a million-star resort with a sense of luxury and classic ancient surrounds, highly trained service staffs, world class spa facilities, delicious cuisine and renown Thai hospitality.  I said that because, one of the lady even bend on her both knee while serving us with a welcome drinks and warm-clean hand towel upon arrival.  We can feel that they are very attentive and greeting us with a sincere smile.

After checking out the photo of the room inside from my previous blog.  Now let's take a look at the surrounding area.  Just remind you guys once again!!!!  The pictures below are all still within the fence of Dhara Dhevi empire.  Imagine how incredibly massive place it is.

In Chiang Mai city alone, the weather is generally cooler and lesser humidy than in Bangkok.  But particularly in here, the breeze is even fresher and lots of fog in the early morning as the hotel mostly surrounded by this natural and pure rice paddy farm. 

Buffet Breakfast @ hotel soo yummmm and so much variety

After filling our empty tummy tank with yummy breakfast, we maximise our little time wandering around this colossal resort by bike!!

You can borrow a bicycle to go around and explore the resort which I found much easier as it requires a bit of walk to our villa and around the resort.  However, at anytime, you can also call up for the buggy to take you to your room.  Not only that, they have this stunning horse drawn carriage to ride on for you sightseeing around the resort.  Seriously, you feel like King and Queen.  Wow!!!

Rice field, man-made river and the farmer little resting house. What can I ask more!!!

I think this buffalo is the happiest buffalo in the world.  He is really clean, humble and doesn't work in the actual farm.  His role is just showing off and acting like a model cruising around the resort, to make the tourist immerse into this great Lanna experience.  The funny thing is, when my hubby ride on him he starting to peez.  Perhaps he was just too nervous to post in front of camera or 'the person on him' is too heavy.  Hehehe...

Private dining room - Rice Barn Dinner

The showers .. next to swimming pool.. I'd say the smaller one
There are two swimming pools, not to mention of the private pool and lotus pond in some of the villas and suite rooms.  The main one is so much bigger and very clean.  However, the smaller pools scattered around the resort is just probably more for scenery and outdoor landscape decoration purposes I guess.

If you ever have a chance to visit beautiful Chiang Mai, I strongly recommend you to spend at least 1 night here at Dhara Dhevi resort then you will find yourself travelling back in time to an ancient Lanna Kingdom period.  For me, the term "beautiful resort" is surely an understatement for Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi.  It's deserve something more than that, it's the place that definitely would make your heart jump.
Thank you for reading, Hope you enjoy this blog :)

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Hotel
51/4 Chiang Mai - Sankhamphaeng Road Moo 1, T. Tasala A. Muang
Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand
Ph: (66) 053-888 829

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