07 May 2012

Talat Bang Nam Phueng, Phra Pradaeng (Day 5, Part1)


In Thailand, food and markets play an integral part in local's life and society.  No matter where you go in any part of this beautiful country and no matter day or night, you would often spot a local food markets and food stalls everywhere.  Witnessing the locals living their daily life and doing their routine in the market is quite overwhelming and very fascinating.  It is also pretty hard to tell what time of the day in market is really starts but for what I'm certain, it just never sleeps.

This place is fairly similar to the world renown floating market (Damnoen Saduak) in Ratchaburi, but here is literally less boat paddling around the canal but rather more shops and definitely plenty of food stalls along side which is more suitable for me.  Two years ago I've been to the Damnoen Saduak market and we hired the boat for 300 bath just to wandering along the canal.  The local paddler will stop at any shops or other floating sellers, whenever and wherever you want it and guiding you around the market and local community. That trip was quite a remarkable experience we had.

Whereas here in Bang Nam Phueng market, visitors tend to walk on the passage along the canal more than floating on the boat.  Plenty of stalls and restaurants that you can dig into.  I mean, this kinda my type of market that I like.  Paddling along the floating market (in Damnoen Saduak) is highly recommended, if you never done it before as it certainly would give you a great experience.  But if you already have, then this market could offer you with numerous choice of things to see and to eat.  And above all that 300 bath for the boat fees can be used to spoil yourself with decent meal.

Khai Tod and Som Tum (Deep Fried Chicken with Papaya Salad)

Kanom Paeng Jee (Thai grilled coconut pancakes)

Making Fairy Floss

I overheard the group of teens next to us were talking that they actually prefer going to the mall and having meal in the luxury cafes or Western restaurants rather than sitting here at this old school market.  For some reason, my blood started to get boiling.  Whilst me just so fascinating with this beautiful place, very local and exotic atmosphere whereas the locals don't even give a damn about it.  Well, I guess that people usually take things for granted and start to appreciate when it is too late.  They are just never realise how fortunate they are surrounded by this amazing traditional living heritage and Eco environment but still tends to look for something that they don't have.  It kinda riddle me that "When people will start to appreciate and wanting what they already have!!"

Iced Tea and Rosalie Juice

Bahmee Haeng Luk Chin

Kewtiau Haeng (Dry noodle with Pig Intestine)
Kewtiau Tom Yum
A  bowl of tom yum noodle for ฿ 15 bath.  Well, you cant go wrong with that, can you??  Sooo cheap... Although the dish is generally quite small, and normally for myself, I can finish two bowls of these very easily, but for that price geez.. still extremely cheap.  They have varieties of noodle from the authentic noodle soup to saucy dry noodle and comes with different selections of meat, topping and crusted peanut.  Very very delicious.

Beef Satay ( Nua Yang)
This beef satay was abit chewy and tough, not melt-in-your mouth type of thing, chewing is necessary for this, but totally love the flavour combinations in it with a punch of superb chilli coated sauce.

Luk Chup  ฿10, ฿15, and ฿20
The cutest and most attractive looking sweets ever seen.  It is basically a mashed green mung bean filling, shaped to desire then coated with a thin layered of colourful gelatin.  Very delicate yet too pretty to be eaten. They normally comes in fruits and vegetables shapes.  By the look of it, I can eat twenty CHILLIES of these, is there anyone want some chillies????

Luk Chup ฿15 (about 50 cents)
Kanom Krok (Cocout Pancake) ฿ 10 (about 30 cents)
In my previous blog, I mentioned that it's always hard to resist this Thai beloved snacks, Kanom Krok.  Everytime we go to the market in the morning, we must buy at least a dozen of it.  It is just so enjoyable.  As I'm writing this, my mind is flashing back to that moment and I AM CRAVING FOR IT SO FREAKIN' BAD!!!  I know that we do have that in Chat Thai, Sydney but it's not as good as in Thailand of course.  But for temporally relief, it works just okay though.

Making Hoy Tod (Thai style oyster omelette)

Sai Grog Esan (Thai Eastern-style Sausages) ฿ 40/bag (about $1.25)
This Esan-style sausage is always be in my hall of fame.  In Sydney, we often drive to Cabbramatta on the weekend just to have this Thai sausage and they are pretty good as well, the closest to the original one that I could find in Sydney.  Those on the photo were crispy-skinned on the outer yet the meat inside still maintain their juiciness and so moist.  Having them together with sliced ginger, chillies and fresh cabbage leave, makes them even tastier.

Water Guava or Rose Apple

Fresh Strawberries with Chilli Sugar mixed topping ฿ 20 (about 60 cents)
I have to admit that I could easily convert to be a "Fruiterian" if all the fruits are served with this beautiful sugar and chillies mixed topping.  As easy as it sounds, this astonishing topping goes so well with all sort of sour fruits.  As the sourness from the strawberry, the sweetness from sugar and the spiciness from the dried chillies lingering in my mouth and exploding all the flavour.  It just works.  Sooo mouth-watering right now !!!

Fresh Milk Ice Cream

I confess that I'm totally in love with this market.  For me, here is the heaven on earth for all the food lovers. They nearly have all the street snacks from all of Thailand, here in one market.  You name it, we eat it, just in that one Saturday morning.  I remind you again and again that the price is ridiculously cheap.  So, if you have a chance to visit Thailand, please give it a try guys, if you really a food maniac though.  And I guarantee you it will blow your mind away.

On the bottom line, if you want to experience the real local life here in Bangkok, get up early and make your way to this market as they close at 2pm.

Thank you and hope you guys enjoy reading this blog J Octie Appetie...

Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market
Wat Bang Nam Phueng, Tambon Bang Namphueng, Phra Pradaeng District, Samutprakarn
Opening Hours: Weekend, 8am to 2pm

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