20 February 2012

St. Kilda Beach & Mings Dim Sum (Day2, part2)

Once we finished with our yummy breakfast at Cafe Baci, the weather outside appeared to get better and the rain started to stop.  So, we sticked with our previous plan to go to St. Kilda beach.  When we got to the tram station, we just found out that all transportation in Melbourne are FREE for today's only.  Yaaahooo!!  How lucky!!!!!!

X'mas mood on the bridge
Melbourne CBD
Flinders Street Station

Openned gates as trains are free on Christmas day only 

So, we waited there at the tram stop next to Flinders Street Station (actually they also have trams to go to St.Kilda beach that passes Crown hotel too).  It took less than half an hour to get there but that's depend on what route are you on as well.

After taking a few shots and enjoying the Melbourne sun at St. Kilda beach, it started to pouring again.  It's such a weirdo day today.  So we rushed back finding the shade and wait, hoping that the rain will stop somehow..  But nearly half an hour waiting there, the hopeless sky didn't seem to somewhat close to a clear blue sky then with full of disappointment we reluctantly cathced the tram back to hotel.  We haven't visited the colourful sea house and Luna Park plus sunday market there... Yeah!!  Better luck next time...

Ming's Dim Sum
Level 1, Opposite Main Gaming Floor
(Access via escalators)
Ph: +61 3 9292 8888

Sun - Thur: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Fri & Sat: 12:00pm - 12:00am

Before our planned dinner tonight at Nobu, we managed to sneak to get some "light" mid afternoon snacks at Ming's.

Those roast ducks actually looked very appetising but we don't want to eat too much cos we gonna have a big dinner tonight hence we just give that a miss.  The restaurant decor is more like a relaxing atmosphere yet elegant with a touch of modern Chinese style.  I noticed that in Crown most of the furniture or decor or just some of their signature arts are in circle or round motion.  That's probably their lucky charms thing.

Seafood Dumpling $6
The dumpling is extremely fresh with a big chunk of juicy prawn wrapped inside a thin and translucent dumpling skin.  Three pieces for a serve in a bamboo steamer is surely never enough.

Braised Beef Soup Served with Shanghainese Noodle $12
The beef was soooo tender, great texture and merely melt-in-my-mouth with the aromatic broth.  It's really nice, refreshingly delicious and full of flavour combination in my mouth.

Dan Dan Noodle $10
I've never have Dan Dan Noodle before.  It surprisingly good and weird at the same time.  Weird because their noodle soup is served with spicy peanut sauce.  At first I tried it separately without the peanut sauce cos I didn't want to just pour all the sauce into the bowl and spoil the broth and  it was pretty tasty then I though why not give it a go, so I decided to mix them together a little bit and It works very amazingly well together.  So I chucked it all into the bowl and give it a good mix !!!  Then I knew straight away that I cant go back to its plain taste soup anymore.  It is just too yummm.

If you imagine restaurant in the casino, you might think of spending big bucks but that's not gonna happen with this restaurant.  The price is pretty average for a noodle shop just around $10 to $15 and for roast duck or pork dish ehm..  I'm quite sure that there're nothing more than $20 per dish.  The service here was outstanding and attentive as well.  So, what a nice afternoon, we got there, FLAWLESS.

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