03 February 2012

Burch and Purchese, Melbourne (Day1, part1)

Four generous days trip in Melbourne for this time. gotta give a big credit to an awesome Jetstar deal that we managed to seize.  This trip is more like a relaxing, chilled-out and lay back holiday rather than rushing and hustling with the day tour thing.  Well, we really need some getaway moment without mobile phone or laptop and disappear to the place where only me and food ...

Getting around the Melbourne city by using a Metcard is very very convenient and surprisingly cheap.  It can be used for trams, buses and trains within zone 1 (CBD area and some adjacent suburbs) or Zone 2 which cover up until more further suburban areas.  This ticket also available for 2 hours validation ($3.20) or a whole day trip ($7).  I really think that transportation in Melbourne is much better and cheaper than in Sydney especially with those trams that are not only represented as a city symbolic but also provide an easy access from almost every corner of the streets in Melbourne ...

Top: Chicken Yakitori $2.95 and Plum Tea $3.50
We grabbed some mid morning snacks from one of the many stalls and shops around Flinder Street Station before heading to Prahran.  We can easily get there by tram but we wanna make a quick stop at South Yarra for little dessert first for our naughty appetite in Burch & Purchese so we decided to catch a train there.

The train seating is quite different with the one we have in Sydney and seems like it looks much much cleaner without the graffiti (or maybe we haven't spotted one) and the AC is pretty cold too.

The interesting thing that I noticed almost in every corner of the alley or lane ways in Melbourne, you'll see these shop signs indicated what businesses or shops line up there, such a clever idea!!!!

It was a really hot day at that time.  From the train station, we need quite abit of walk to the B&P shop but what I really like about Melbourne is the tram network that reach in nearly every corner of the street and when you buy that Metcard you can just hop in and out of the tram anytime from any stops as much as you like within the zone.  That's totally save my day...

B&P was not that long established.  The shop founder Darren Purchese aims to fuses science with the patisserie in a very gastronomic and innovative way.  Everything seems to be mix and match and challenge all the old school bakery myth.  You know what!!  It actually works out pretty well but it all comes with a hefty price.  Like, for just a piece of cake, it will fork out $9 easily from your wallet.

Left: Avocado, Mint, Cucumber and White Chocolate $9
Right: Wild Strawberry, Peach, Jelly and White Chocolate $9

Yoghurt & lime crumb / avocado cream / mint tapioca / ascorbic jelly / compressed cucumber with apple / white chocolate mousse / mint chocolate wafer

I didn't like that Avocado, Mint and Cucumber thing...  First thought when I read through its description, it may make a good dessert as I like each of the elements there but in fact, after my first bite taken place...  I know it rite away this is not my cup of tea.  Taste weird and it doesn't cooperate well together, each item has a very strong in smell and flavours.  Its more likely like eating an Indian dipping dish than a dessert.  Though, it's a very unique combination cake that will make people like or don't like it at all.  Is this work for me??  Didn't think so..

Wild strawberry / vanilla / white chocolate mousse / white peach cream / white peach & red peach jelly / strawberries & cream crumble  / peach schnapps infused watermelon

For this berry dessert, it delectably refreshing and full of flavours that just burst out from the loaded of berries.  However, it's abit too sour for my liking even the sweetness from chocolate didn't help much.

Smoked White Chocolate, Coffee, Aniseed and Lemon $9
smoked white choc cream | crunchy almond meringue | coffee buttercream | coffee sponge | aniseed syrup | brownie sponge | lemon curd | dehydrated choc rock

Really lovely flavour combination dessert with strong coffee taste balanced off with the tanginess from lemon curd then a touch of choc rock and crunchy almond meringue to give it a texture.  They just heavenly moreish in my mouth with aromatic aniseed lingering at the end of the last bit.  This is definitely my favourite out of those three.

For your information, there is no eat-in for this glamorous cake shop.  You gotta keep walking down the street, not too far, until you find a small park that you can sit down under the shade and enjoy these elegant sweet treats.

Enjoy this post and Octie Appetie.

Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio
647 Chapel Street
South Yarra, Melbourne
Ph: (03) 9827 7060

Open: Tue-Sun 10am-6.30pm
Closed on Monday

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