14 October 2011

Great Ocean Road Tour, Melbourne - Day 3

Today the tour seems to be more relax and cruising with smaller van that only fit about 12 passengers including the most talkative tour guide I ever met.  Lucky, the weather today was pleasant and bright so we're able to enjoy the clear sky and view from the famed landmarks visited this time.  Lots of  amazing places to visit today and that surely will fill out the day.

Bells Beach
Great Ocean Road

If heaven really does exists, I'm sure it would not be much different from what I was seeing right in front of my eyes.  This long white pristine sandy beach with calm turquoise water does surprisingly not get as much credit as she deserves !!!  We stop for a morning tea here and looking out to this beautiful beach at the perfect weather until I gotta pinch myself I was not dreaming.  I mean happiness in life that people seeking for could just be as simple as it is.  Until now I still can not really forget that great feeling of this beach.

I really can't remember the cafe's name but it has been recommended by our tour guide.  It's a funky chic place and the food were fantastic too.  Burger was great, the patty was juicy with heaps of sauce and veggies in a soft yet crusty sesame topped bun.  For Fish and Chips, they were absolutely sensational, crispy battered fish fillet with their special mayo and chili sauce that just complete the dish.

After pleased with the main meal, we were keen on trying their dessert as well even feeling quite filled up already but sweet after meal is something I can't miss We only had a slice of Hummingbird cake to share.  The cake is so fresh and moist and because the cake itself is light, those richness from cream cheese topping is enhanced the texture and flavour of the cake.  They're just simply enjoyable.

As I said earlier, this tour will be so packed of sightseeing.  There wasn't enough free time.  Only about an hour lunch, then we had to get moving.  Next place we were going to are National Park, 12 Apostles, the full of story London Bridge and the spectacular Lord of The Arch.

Oatway National Park
12 Apostles
The Twelve Apostles is a magnificent limestone stacks that towering majestically from the shore of the Port Campbell National Park.  Firstly, it starts with 12 of them and then later on, with the stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the soft limestone to form caves in the cliffs which then become arches and collapsed.  So, appearently now, they are unofficial named 9 Apostles so if you've never seen them, better be hurry before they all become collapsed to the ocean.

Lord Of The Arch
London Bridge

We actually made a reservation for Press Club, George colombaris' restaurant for dinner today as my travel agent in Sydney told me that this tour won't be taking too long and may finishing up at around 6 or 7pm.  However, when we confirmed with our tour guide, he said this tour will wrap up and back to Melbourne city the earliest should be around 9 pm.  So, we were actually planned to catch taxi after the last destination at least can save some time from dropping everyone else to their hotel, but he wouldn't recommend it as it will take approximately 2 hours driving back to the hotel.  Still hoping that we can make it for dinner, but unfortunately, we didn't make it since the kitchen was closed at 9.45pm.  So yeah!!! It was our tough luck.

We're strolling around Melbourne CBD at 10 PM. don't know what to eat anymore after my most-craved  dining that I've been long for had been ruined.  Surprisingly, so many restaurants still open at that time and the streets were still crowded with many nightwalkers wandering around town for dinner or just enjoying the wonderful nightlife.  From having blank mind about what to eat, become no idea of what to choose as plenty of nice restaurants and cafes around there.  So changing our dining direction from luxury fine dining thing to authentic local Chinese meal. Here we are at Wonton House. 

Wonton House
271 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC
Open: Monday - Sunday, 11am - 11pm

Logan with Shaved Ice and HongKong-style Milk Tea

Can't remember the name????
Crunchy bean curd skin on the outside with extremely fresh prawns for the filling then dipped in sweet and spicy sauce. It is just simply delightful, what more can I ask???

This pork ribs dish is so goood, perfect fried-texture with a bit of fried shallot sprinkled on top enhanced the taste, I really enjoy eating this dish.  My mouth watering by just looking at this picture imagining the taste I had last time..

Custard Bun
Thought this seems to be a rapid change in taste, we were absolutely happy that we made the right decision to dine here.  Tonight meal was totally superb, forget about the taggy Press Club, they will still be there anyway so just let hope next time when we visit Melbourne again we have a chance to dine in there.  Yeah.. I believe so...

Octie Appetie guys....

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