12 September 2011

Day 13 - Macau

To go to Macau by the high-speed ferry, first off all catch MRT to Sheung Wan station, the ferry terminal and ticketing offices are located in the Shun Tak Center which just above the railway station. Its better to purchase the ticket in advance especially if you board on the weekend or public holiday. Obviously we didn't!! That's why we gotta wait for nearly 2 hours on the normal day. If you got the ticket ready and arriving early you can join stand-by-lines for earlier sailing if the seat still available.

There are mainly 4 different ferry companies to and from Macau, including TurboJet, The Cotai Strip CotaiJet, Macao Dragon, and First Ferry. For TurboJet, is the busiest yet they have more interval but the seat quite small and pack with too many people. On the other hand, CotaiJet's ferry timetable may not as frequent as TurboJet but the seat is very comfortable with the bigger leg room to keep small luggage in between. However both jets arriving in different terminal in Macau, for Turbo it stops at Macau Peninsula and CotaiJet is on Taipa Ferry Terminal which has easier access to the Venetian Macao. So please check which ever closest and convenience for you before departing. I don't really know about the other 2 companies. For the adrenalin boost, the ultimate alternative way to get you there is by helicopter. Hence, obviously it comes with an OMG price tag (about HK$2,900) but on the bright side, it's only take 15 minutes approx to get there. It's feel like a flash while the ferry will take approximately 1 hour travelling.

Chicken Sandwich (not sure about the name) for breakie from KFC
Hot Coffee Milk Tea
Mocha Pudding from Bread Top

The ticket for economy class costs roughly HK$ 134 for one-way (about AU$17.20) and for super class is around HK$ 240. Damn!!! We made a quite big mistake, we should just bought the super class ticket as we would be able to access into the privilege waiting area, then get the chance boarding to the ferry first so feeling a bit of exclusive and VIP in a way.

Right outside the ferry terminal, heaps of buses are lining up to go to each different Casinos in Macau. Just look at the flag to guide you where the bus is and hop on. We decided to take MGM bus because we were planning of taking photos of its picturesque MGM hotel. If you wanna get back to the wharf with the hotel's bus, apparently you need to have kind of proof that you actually played in their casino otherwise the easier way just get a taxi. Some taxi drivers speak good English but some don't so ask the hotel concierge for help.

Statue of Kun Lam

MGM Grand Macau
Inside the hotel lobby, you will be stunned by its architecture-style which look like Victorian time found in many European countries with colorful and gorgeous looking garden. Imagine if I'm having high-tea in the middle of this lovely garden, wouldn't it be nice???

Senado Square
Macau was once ruled by Portugal traced back to early 16th centuries hence you can often find their buildings influenced by Sino-Portuguese architecture.  There were well blended between Chinese and Early European settlements in this little city, making it very charming and good to explore.

The people here is quite surprisingly helpful. We looked a bit confused standing in front of this Beef Offal shop, don't know how to order, suddenly one of the lady told us how to.. that firstly we need to grab the empty bowl provided, next pick whatever we want (from assorted meat and seafood balls, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and plenty more) then give it to the seller and wait while she boils them in the curry broth and lastly enjoy your pick-your-own beef offal soup. That was the best part... You can choose from spicy or just ordinary broth. My eyes actually caught at those alluring tendon on the hot stew, but just not sure how to ask for it as the seller can't speak English. So what can I do is only crying leaving those tendon behind. The balls were nice and the curry broth was incredibly flavoursome and soooo aromatic. Just love them!!! All 5 sticks cost only HK$30 (about AU$3.80).

HK dollar is surely acceptable in Macau and their currency differs hardly nothing. However, for HK$5 and HK$10 coins are the only two that can't be used there. Don't ask me why!!!

Koi Kee Portuguese Egg Tart HK$6 but inside Venetian Hotel is HK$7
This egg tart is superb and extremely fresh like just out of the oven. The base is crunchy and the custard in the center is just perfectly baked. So so goood...

Ruins St. Paul's

Pork on Skewer (about AU$1.60) for 5 sticks

Random Temple

Madeira Portuguese Restaurant
Venetian Hotel

Complimentary Bread

Fried Goose Liver with Mango and Salad HK$ 178
The best Foie Gras dish ever eaten in my life. The sweetness from mango salad is a truly pleasant compliment for those savoury pan-fried foie gras.

Pork Knuckle
The pork is a little too dry for my liking and the crackling is not that crunchy like what I expected.

Baked Duckling Rice HK$ 178
This is a traditional Portuguese delicacy which is golden baked rice with slightly crunchy texture on top and mingled with duck meat and chorizo sausage. It's very flavoursome, so even you have it on its own yet still enjoyable.

Pina Colada
Pina Colada is a sweet rum-based cocktail mix with creamy coconut and pineapple juice.

ZAIA Cirque Du Soleil @Venetian Hotel

We bought this package from the hotel which include the Cirque Du Soleil show. For more detail about Venetian Hotel and the package that we bought just check out in the next blog. So, Octie Appetie guys...

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