28 September 2011

Day 17 - Charlie Brown Cafe

Feeling like my childhood memories been ignited. So far as I remember when I was a little kid, we didn't have this kind of cute and endearing cafe.. Duh!!! Why I make it sounds like I'm too old.... Anyway, This Charlie Brown cafe is generally inspired by the comic strip Peanuts and their decoration, food and cakes got the touch of those adorable cartoon characters.

The dining area is located on the second floor. When you walking up the stairs, you will see all these cute miniatures like flashback the time to enter the little fantasiland.

We arrived here pretty early so it wasn't that busy yet, still nice and quite. Until another half an hour or so, then a bunch of teenagers, kids and their parents started to fill up the place.

They also selling lots of these little oh-so-cute souvenirs as well, they're all adorable and so lovely and seems like they're waving the hand begging me to take them home.. Luckily, I went there on the last day and I nearly run out of money otherwise I gonna tempted buying this dolls and other stuffs that end up just sitting in my home.

Orange Chocolate HK$36 (about AUD4.60)

Snoopy Chix Wings HK$ 48 (about AUD6.15)
The hint of spices lift up the whole taste of chicken wings that already delicious and juicy, with a dollop of mashed potato on the side.
Charlie Brown Sandwich HK$72 (about AUD9.20)

Charlie Brown Sandwich is actually a white bread roll mountained with bacon, chicken fillet, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and egg. It also comes with wedges on the side. This dish is unexpectedly huge for breakfast portion but guess what!!! we still managed to finish them...

Charlie Brown HK$ 38 (about AUD 4.80)

Time for the desserts... It so hard for me to pick what I wanna eat cos everything just look so gorgeous. For the signature mousses, each character, they actually got different flavour. Charlie Brown is Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse, Pink-y Lisa is Strawberry mousse and Yellow-y Snoopy is Banana and White Chocolate Mousse. They all just look too good to eat. Taste-wise...was so damn good and the mousse was rich and nice. 

Funny Woodstock HK$ 35 (about AUD 4.50)
The best from all is this Woodstock piece of cake which is a blackcurrant mousse and boxed with patterned white chocolate then on top decorated with the little figurines of woodstock. Really really clever indeed......

Charlie Brown Cafe
G/F- 1/F Koh Pah Mansion
58-60 Cameron Road (near Catham Road)
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Avenue Of The Stars
Along Victoria Harbour
Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

This path was built to honour those Hongkong's top celebrities involving in the film industry.  You will see some of the hand prints and autographs framed on this avenue and you'll go "gee I know him/her" .. quite fun to walk along though ..and don't forget to take some photos with Bruce Lee's sculpture !!!

1..2..3.. Action

Big Superstar, NOT

Here comes the end of out trip in Hongkong, a bitter sweet moment.. Hongkong, for me is a small Island but rich in cultures and foodie heaven .. easy to navigate around this city. Ideally for those who want to do stopover just for a couple of days experience this mega city where the East meets West.  It is definitely something that you can not really overlook. However, for those who really have a genuine interest in exploring deeper of Hong Kong, to be frank, 1 week ain't gonna be enough, I shall say.

See you next trip.. Octie Appetie..

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