26 July 2011

Glass Brasserie

Level 2, 488 George Street (Hilton Hotel), Sydney
Ph: (02) 9265 6068

My apology for the photos this time... I wasn't supposed to use the flash as it may disturb the other diners, but after nearly half way of our dinner, we've seen lots of people using flash when taking a photo. So later on, I followed too...lol

Seen from the website that they have the half-round sofa for some seatings, we thought we would get that sofa as its the 4 of us dining. However, little disappointed when the guy took us to our table and it was only the normal seating. Anyway, partly our fault too as we didn't mentioned earlier when we made the reservation...

(Sourced from: Glassbrasserie.com.au)

Bread and Olive Oil

Entree #1: Prawn, Harissa & Coriander Raviolo, Sweet Leek Puree, Brown Onion Consomme $29

Entree #2: Half Dozen of Oysters 6 ways (It wasn't my dish so can't remember all of them) Tempura Oyster, Chilli and Lime Oyster, Oyster topped with Salmon Roe. $26

Entree #3: Pan Fried Goose Foie Gras, Scallop, Quince, Hazelnuts, Spiced Bread $37

Entree #4: Classic Steak Tartare $27

I've been dying to try this dish for such a long time. I saw this dish on the menu make me feel delightful. Turned out to be my favorite dish for the night. I found that the dish was a bit too big (only for me maybe) by the time I finished my entree, felt quite full already. 

Mains to share #1: Kurobuta roast rib of pork, crisp pork belly & crumbed tail $95

Unbelievably huge pork dish served with pickled red cabbage, apple sauce and Colcannon which is Irish mashed potatoes with parsley and bacon. Two thumbs up for Colcannon, the best mashed potatoes I've ever eaten. Should try to make this at home next time instead of the normal mashed potatoes.

Mains to share #2: David Blackmore Wagyu best end of rump 9+ (medium rare), Beef cheek bourguignon, roasted bone marrow, grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes $125

The wagyu steak was succulent and just melted in the mouth. Most of all, the crispy-topped rich bone marrow was absolutely blown my mind away. But for me, the beef cheek was the let down. Another enormous platter, we couldn't finish them all, but I didn't wanna totally miss the desserts. So even liltle bit disappointed we end up had to order only 2 desserts to share, that's what we can handle.

Sides: Parmesan & Truffled French Fries $13

This french fries were simply devine and flavoursome.

Dessert #1: Coconut, Rhubarb, and Lime Bombe Alaska $18 

Great flavour combinations, but I found that the meringue was too firm and dry for my liking,  by the way the coconut shaving itself was very fresh.

Dessert #2: Valrhona Chocolate Assiette
Chocolate Fondant, Delice with caramelised hazelnuts & coffee foam, Chocolate Sorbet with Poached Quince and Tuile

I wished that my stomach could be more elastic so it'll be able to handle more food, but in reality it wouldn't. So I have to missed that appetizing Toffee Souffle with peanut butter ice cream, maybe next time..

Despite of poor quality photos, Hope you guys enjoy this blog. Octie-Appetie...

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