23 July 2011

Day 7 - Jagalchi Market and First Eatery Alley Seomyeon, Busan

Jagalchi Market
About 5 minutes walk from Jagalchi Station Exit 2, Line No.1

Jagalchi Market is the largest seafood market in South Korea and is located right in the edge of Nampo Port, Busan. The locals and tourists can be spoiled with numbers of fresh-from-ocean fish and seafood that are caught daily. They also offer ranged of dried seafood products here.

Fresh Live Seafood Market on the Ground Floor and Dining area on the 2nd floor 

Best to visit early, about 10 in the morning to avoid the crowd. By lunch time, this dining area on level 2 is become fully packed with hungry mouths.

Complimentary Side Dishes

They keep on refilling before the side-dish bowl even empty...

While we were eating, suddenly we overheard a loud argument between the waiter in our restaurant with the next door shop owner. Apparently, it was because the group of tourists talked to that next-door shop first but then changed their mind later to our shop. And the owner of next-door shop was very furious thought that our english-speaking waiter stole their customer... Then after things settle down, those tourist explained to the waiter saying that he can speak english while that rivalry couldn't ....

Sashimi KRW 40,000 (about AU$ 36.35)

Fried Fish KRW 30,000 (about AU$27.25)

Top: Complimentary Sushi and Bottom: Complimentary Salmon Teriyaki

Complimentary Spicy Seafood Soup

Overall, we were truly satisfied with this seafood brunch. They used extremely fresh fish with english-speaking waiter made our life much easier....

Gwangbok Underground Shopping Centre

Last day in Busan, we decided to spend the whole day shopping. Little coffee shop just in the corner of somewhere around the underground shopping area, good enough to chill out and refresh ourselves after a long tiring walk of shopping..

Iced Chocolate and Green Tea Frappuccino

Advance ticket purchase again to go back to Seoul. The way back to Seoul cost us bit more expensive than the one when we came to Busan KRW 52,4000 (AU$47.65). It could be because of weekend.

Busan Station

Chinatown in Busan

Seomyeon Area

I felt that Seomyeon Underground Shopping Centre is so far the best fashion heaven for ladies in Korea. You could find fashion from casual wear to luxury dresses plus bags, shoes and accessories just line up along the narrow steamy alley. Bit pricey but guarantee that you will get the good quality goods.

Bread with Egg KRW1,000 (about AU$0.90)

Another gorgeous teeny snack that we found from the street food stall in Korea. The bread was sweet and fluffy with nicely cooked egg on top.

Takoyaki (spicy) KWR2,000 for 7 pieces (AU$ 1.80)

Seomyeon First Eatery Alley

Won't be too much talking here and let's the pictures speak for themselves.

Fried Chicken KRW 2,000 (about AU$1.80)

around KRW 500 (AU$ 0.45) per piece for Eomuk-Guk (Fish Cake Soup) and Assorted Tempura

Grilled Octopus KRW 1,500 (about AU$ 1.35)

We tried to grab anything new and looked tempting along that alley, so we can try as much food as we could even our stomach screamed already "pleazz!!! no more food" but this mouth just wouldn't listen and keep swallow whatever the eyes-catched.

So, Octie-Appetie guys...

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