03 April 2011

Gold Coast - Australia

When it comes to Gold Coast...People might only imagine of the long white sandy beach, summer sun, beers and theme parks. But you know what??? The food in here is pretty good too. Fresh seafood, small funky cafes and Japanese restaurants almost in every corner of the street.

Well, we were there for 4 days, lets see what we had. Doesnt seems alot, does it!!! anyway hope this would help bucking up your idea while you there. So Octie Appetie...

3046 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Ph: (07) 5592 0330
Just opposite the Watermark Hotel from the rear door.

A very typical American-like cafe with colorful hot air balloon-decor reminding me that we always be kid at heart after all . The service wasn't that prompt but hey, it worths the wait.

 Vanilla Milkshake $5.95

Chicken Parmigiana $24.95

$9.50 all you can eat pancake deal

QT Gold Coast Hotel
7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
(07) 5584 1200

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday
5:30pm - 9:30pm

A Japanese fine dining specialised in traditional Japanese cuisine, from fresh Sushi to sizzling Teppanyaki. Its little bit pricy but that what you pay for the top-quality ingredients, cozy ambience, and extremely friendly service.

Gyu Tataki (seared beef served with lime ponzu sauce) $16

Chicken Tatsusa Age (Japanese style crispy fried chicken with salad and mayonaisse) $14.50

I personally like this dish, crispy on the outside, still tender inside and really tasty...

Sakana Saikyo Yaki (grilled saikyo miso marinated sea bass) $13

Sukiyaki (minimum 2 people) $69
Finely sliced grain fed beef with vegetables simmered in a sweet sukiyaki sauce and raw egg

With the raw eggs, my own instinct told me to just simply crack the egg into the boiling pot but then later we found out that it wasn't the right way to have it. How embarassed!! Traditionally, we should crack the egg into the separate bowl, give a bit of whisk and once the beef is cooked to your liking then we just dip it with the egg ....

3032 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217
Ph: (07) 55 888 333

Dinner Buffet @Watermark Hotel, Surfer Paradise $49
Unlimited Oysters, Crab, Prawns... well you name it!!!

Sea World

Seafood Basket, Fish and Chips, Angus Beef Burger all come with chips around $12-$15
Onion rings (small) $7 @Top Terrace Food Court, at the main entrance Sea World

If you guys have ever been to Sea World, you might notice that when the lunch time comes, the food court at the main entrance become hectic and guess what!! We were one of those crowd hunting for the food.. Obviously there were 1 shop that has the longest queue.. As a common sense, we immediately joined the line. cos it clearly gotta be goooood...

Finally the wait was over, we got what we ordered, they were looked sooooo mouth-watering.. Yes, we were all excited by their presentation.
After the first bite on my burger, all my expectation was ruined so hard.. The patty was dry and tasteless, the worst part was, not even a drip of sauce given. The chips were soaky. Spending nearly $70 plus the wait I feel completely ripped off and I miss my Whoppers..

Dolphin's show

I was lucky seeing him awake hahaha...

Hazel Tea Shop
Shop 8, Chevron Renaissance,
3240 Surfers Paradise Boulevard QLD 4217
Ph: (07) 5503 0266

Opening Hours:
Open 7 days 11:30am - 10:00 pm

Taiwanese restaurant serving simple dishes as well as bubble milk tea. One of the branch is well located in the heart of Surfers Paradise. For me this restaurant was definitely the highlight of the trip. We just love every dishes we had especially the minced pork on rice with egg and meatball..

Chicken Teppanyaki with Pepper Sauce $12.50

Beef Hot Pot Set with Miso Soup Base $12.50

Deep Fried Chicken $8

Fried Pork with Spring Onion in Soy Sauce $12.50

Minced Pork on Rice $6.50

Tofu Teppanyaki with Pepper Sauce $12.50

Movie World

Top: Ham & Cheese Croissant, Bottom: Chocolate Eclair from Arthur's Bakery

Baskin Robbins
One of the branch Surfers Paradise - Cavill Mall
Shop 1 A, Paradise Centre, Cavill Mall
Surfers Paradise, QLD, 4217
Phone: 07 5538 8644

Old Fashioned Butter Pecan, Rum Raisin, Peanut Butter 'N Chocolate, Lemon Sorbet

We bought those "buy one get one free" ice creams from Baskin Robins using the coupon of the booklet that loaded with heaps of discount vouchers. Try to check it out in the tourist information booth normally available in most hotels.

Japanese Restaurant
Some random Japanese restaurant along the Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

Miso Soup

Spicy Pork Ramen

Beef Gyu Don

Eel and Egg katsu don-like

Egg Noodle served with Pork and Vegetable soup

Here's what they look like from outside

Vibe Hotel Gold Coast
42 Ferny Avenue
QLD 4217
(07) 5539 0444

Here are some views from our hotel.


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